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Doctor of Philosophy

group of students in front of living wall
PhD candidates
Lingzhi Chu, Emily Davidson, Huang Huang, Jiajun Luo

The public health doctoral program with a concentration in EHS is directed toward producing graduates who will contribute new knowledge in understanding the impact of environmental stressors - physical, chemical, and biological - on human health and comfort. Students are skilled in research, assessment, and evaluation of the impact of environmental stressors; they identify potentially adverse environmental agents, assess their exposures, determine their impact on health, and estimate the consequent risk. Students can develop expertise and conduct independent research in a variety of environmental health-related areas including epidemiology, toxicology, occupational health, respiratory physiology, thermal physiology, exposure assessment, psychophysics, air quality, and risk assessment. Programs of study are planned on an individual basis to provide students with the specialized knowledge required for their selected research area as well as to provide breadth in related areas of epidemiology and public health. Courses are chosen from those available in the department and elsewhere in the University. Students entering the doctoral program typically have a strong background in undergraduate science and frequently have a master's degree in public health. (A master’s degree is not required to apply for this program.)

Apply through the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).
Select program: "Public Health" and your Concentration: Biostatistics, Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Environmental Health Sciences,Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, Health Policy and Management or Social and Behavioral Sciences.
The GRE and TOEFL code for Yale GSAS is: 3987.