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Community Outreach, Education and Engagement

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The Environmental Health Science Community Outreach Program aims to cultivate habits of healthy living and sustainable environmental practice among a diverse community of children, adults and families at Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut and on a broad inter-state and national level. We aim to connect people of diverse backgrounds with the natural world while helping to develop habits of sustainable living. In addition, through a series of new programs our students and faculty strive to develop and sustain healthy communities and safe environments for New Haven residents through interaction, education and program development.

Our mission:

  • to improve environmental health awareness, further multi-directional interaction between students, researchers, policy makers, community residents and partners
  • to enrich learning at Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Yale School of Public Health in engaging students and faculty into active community service activities
  • to enhance understanding of the impact of the environment on human health through developing collaboration with local and regional organizations and to foster dialogue with communities about current research findings and projects

In keeping with our goal to improve understanding and awareness of adverse impact of environmental factors and to prevent such exposures, specific goals include:

  • Community engagement: We will develop and expand collaborations with neighborhoods, state, tribal, and national community members
  • Education Programs: We will develop capacity in environmental health education, providing educational and developmental training to high school students and undergraduate students, through firsthand experience working in labs, meeting and observing faculty and graduate students.
  • Dissemination: We will communicate community environmental health concerns, translate and disseminate research outcomes, foster dialogue on environmental health issues.
"Up in Smoke: How Marijuana Legalization Affects Us All" Presented by Hannah G. Kaneck

"Up in Smoke: How Marijuana Legalization Affects Us All" Presented by Hannah G. Kaneck

Presented by Hannah G. Kaneck