4th Alcohol and Cancer Conference

The next Alcohol and Cancer Conference will be in April 14-18, 2019 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. 

May 29-June 3, 2015 

Aldemar Knossos Royal Village, Crete, Greece

The contribution of alcohol to the development of a variety of cancers is becoming increasingly evident. Annually, 3.6% of all cancers are attributable to alcohol consumption, equating to a total of 390,000 cases. The meeting will focus on recent advances in epidemiology, molecular mechanisms and biomarkers of alcohol-induced carcinogenesis, and anticancer therapy. This meeting will be an ideal platform for promoting interactions between basic scientists and clinicians in all major aspects of alcohol-induced carcinogenesis. Young scientists and graduate students symposia are included.


  • Alcohol and Cancer Epidemiology
  • Mechanisms of Alcohol-induced Carcinogenesis
  • Ethanol Metabolism and Cancer
  • Alcohol and Signaling Pathways
  • Alcohol and Liver Cancer
  • Alcohol and Breast Cancer
  • Alcohol and Pancreatic Cancer
  • Alcohol and Aerodigestive Cancers
  • Immune System and Cancer
  • Fetal Alcohol & Cancer
  • Alcohol and Stem Cells

Organizing Committee

  • Vasilis Vasiliou, Chair 
  • Helena Cortez-Pinto (Portugal) 
  • Loraine Gudas (USA) 
  • Dimitrios Kouretas (Greece) 
  • George Michalopoulos (USA)
  • Lopa Mishra (USA) 
  • Helmut K. Seitz (Germany) 
  • Felix Stickel (Switzerland) 
  • Dina Tiniakos (UK/Greece) 
  • Aris Tsatsakis (Greece)