Olive Oil and Health

Olive oil’s health benefits explored at Yale School of Public Health symposium

Yale’s Olive Oil and Health symposium drew a deeply invested group to New Haven this month—chefs, growers, importers, scientists, associations of producers, entrepreneurs and business people—to celebrate this amazing fruit juice and begin mapping out a new olive institute at the Yale School of Public Health.

Olive Oil and Health

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Topics include:

  • Chemistry of Olive Oil
  • Olive Oil and Health
  • Climate Change and Agriculture
  • Olive Oil Testing
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Artificial Intelligence: Disease and Prevention/Quality


8:30    Sten Vermund, Dean, Yale School of Public Health: Welcoming Remarks

8:35     Rafi Taherian, Associate Vice President, Yale Hospitality: Welcoming Remarks

8:40     Vasilis Vasiliou, Professor and Chair, Yale School of Public Health: Opening Remarks and the Vision for the Yale Center for Olive Oil

9:05     Tassos C. Kyriakides, Associate Research Scientist, Yale School of Public Health: Symposium Logistics; Vision and Potential Structure of the Yale Center for Olive Oil

9:20     Joseph R. Profaci, Executive Director, North American Olive Oil Association (USA): The future of Olive Oil in the United States

9:40     Kimberly Houlding, President and CEO, American Olive Oil Producers Association (USA): Olive Oil across the United States

10:00   Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne, Extra Virgin Alliance (USA): US Olive Oil Market: What’s Broken and How We Fix It

10:20   Joan González- Bueno, Tierra Callada (Spain): How to overcome a static market: challenges for the EVOO consumption to take off

10:40   Maria Kapsokefalou, Professor in Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens (Greece): Exploiting findings from olive oil research

11:00   Break

11:10   Catherine Peyrot des Gachons, Research Associate, Monell Chemical Senses Center (USA) & Gary Beauchamp, Director and President Emeritus, Monell Chemical Senses Center: Gustatory Pharmacology Applied to Olive Oil

11:30   Maria Halabalaki, Assistant Professor, University of Athens (Greece) & Leandros Skaltsounis, Professor, University of Athens: Olive Bioactive compounds: Chemistry and Biology

11:50   Demetrios Kouretas, Professor, University of Thessaly (Greece): Assessment of the antioxidant profile from different Greek olive oil varieties — The Delphic olive grove

12:20   Khalid El Sayed, Professor, University of Louisiana at Monroe (USA): Oleocanthal for target-based prevention and control of cancer development, growth, metastasis, and recurrence

12:40   Amal Kaddoumi, Professor, Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University (USA): Neuroprotective effects of extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) and its phenolic component oleocanthal in Alzheimer disease

1:00     Diomedes E. Logothetis, Professor, Bouve College of Health Science, Northeastern University (USA): Specific activation of bitter taste receptors by olive oil phenolics

1:20     Lunch 

2:00     Mary M. Flynn, Associate Professor, The Miriam Hospital and Brown University (USA): The clinical benefits of daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil

2:20     Prokopis Magiatis, Associate Professor, University of Athens (Greece) & Eleni Melliou, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Athens: High Phenolic olive oil as a nutraceutical, medical food and source of new drugs

2:40     Anthony Midey, Waters Corporation (USA): Mass spectrometry in the identification of EVOO

3:00     Konstantinos Mammasis, Founder, Milestone Nutraceutical (via zoom) (Greece): Novel technological methods for increasing the phenolic compounds in base oils

3:20     Mark Duncan, Director of Application Development & Scientific Affairs, Target Discovery, Inc (USA): Mass Spectrometry, Foodomics and Olive Oil Testing

3:40     Break

3:50     Nicolas Netien, Atsas Organic Farm (Cyprus): Using soil micro-biology to increase Olive Oil quality, long term stability and climate change resilience

4:10     Nikos Comoutos, Comoutos Estate (Greece): Producer Perspectives

4:30     Spyros Mourelatos, Ecodevelopment S.A. (Greece): The role of precision farming in high quality olive oil production

4:50     Nicholas Coleman, Co-Founder & Oleologist, Grove and Vine: Olive Oil: Eternal, Essential, Everyday

5:10     Ilias Mamalakis – Chef (Greece): Chef’s perspective

5:30     Vasilis Vasiliou, Tassos C. Kyriakides and Dimitris Kouretas, Concluding Remarks

7:00     Food Conversation Dinner

            Yale at York, 150 York Street, New Haven

8:30     Reception

            Gathering area, 60 College Street, New Haven

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I. Round-table discussions

  • Center Development and Organization
  • Potential Areas of Focus