Mass Spectrometer

Metabolomics for Systems Medicine and Public Health

The Department of EHS is the first at Yale to integrate metabolomics as a research tool. This technology is enabling us to better understand how environmental exposures modulate host metabolism and cause detrimental health effects, intersecting the fields of environmental health, toxicology and epidemiology.

Our capabilities include large-scale untargeted “discovery” metabolomics, targeted quantitative analysis, and in-situ metabolite tissue imaging. We use bioinformatic tools to identify and validate metabolites associated with a phenotype and understand metabolic pathway disruption to lead further mechanistic studies. Thus metabolomics allows us to understand the systems-level effects of exposures on human health.

In the Department of EHS we are currently using metabolomics to investigate colon cancer, asthma, early-life exposures in pregnancy and chemical exposures from artificial turf fields and fracking.