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  • An HIV Vaccine By 2021? Here Is What Needs To Happen

    Wait for it. Wait for it. That’s what the world has been doing ever since 1984 with the “it” being an effective and safe HIV vaccine. That year Margaret Heckler, then the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, said in a press conference, “we hope to have a vaccine ready for testing in about two years,” and added, “"yet another terrible disease is about to yield to patience, persistence and outright genius.” Those words offered some encouragement that an HIV vaccine could have been available for use before the end of the 1980’s. Well, that prediction turned out to be off by oh about 30 years and counting. But after years of “wait for it,” there is optimism that the legendary arrival of a real HIV vaccine could happen as soon as 2021.

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  • HIV-Positive Babies Fare Better When Treatment Starts at Birth

    A newborn immune system responds to HIV infection less effectively than a more mature one, so an HIV-positive baby should be started on antiretroviral therapy as soon after birth as possible, new research suggests. Although treatment early in life was known to be advantageous, the study, published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine, shows the immune system’s response in detail for the first time. The study could energize efforts to treat newborns with HIV, several experts say, and it may help pave the way for an eventual long-lasting treatment or even a cure.

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