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Yale TCC Presents: "Climate Change Impacts as Determinants of Health in an NCD-Burdened Caribbean"

Our speaker is Dr. LaVerne E. Ragster, President Emerita of the University of the Virgin Islands, Yale-TCC Consortium Governing Board Co-Chair

Dr. Ragster was born and raised in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Her research spans natural resource management, algal physiology, conservation, and climate change. Her extensive service experience includes work with the National Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee, the United Nations Environmental Program, the Caribbean Conservation Association, and the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute. Currently she is working with the UVI Caribbean Exploratory Research Center on scholarly efforts focusing on climate change adaptation in the Caribbean and public health. 

This presentation is part of the Environment & Health webinar series, presented by the ECHORN study and Yale-TCC. 


  • University of the Virgin Islands

    LaVerne E. Ragster, PhD
    President Emirata


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