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YSPH Center on Climate Change & Health Presents: "Climate, CO2, Plants, and Public Health: Ignorance is NOT Bliss"

Dr. Lewis Ziska (Columbia University Irving Medical Center) will provide an overview of the links between climate change, human health, and plant biology, which run from positive (CO2 effects on artemesinin production), to the worrisome (CO2 effects on pollen production and impact on aeroallergens) to the global (CO2 impacts on nutrition). It is hoped that in presenting these links that researchers and other interested stakeholders will get a sense of the importance of plant biology in their daily lives.

Lunch will be provided. Please bring your own utensils and containers.


  • Columbia University Irving Medical Center

    Lewis Ziska, PhD
    Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences


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Lunch: Please bring your own utensils and containers
Feb 202028Friday
12:00 PM1:00 PM
10160 College StreetNew Haven, CT