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Yale Center for Medical Informatics: Joint Yale/GW Seminar Series: “Challenges in Machine Learning for Clinical & Consumer Health”

Henry Wei, M.D. is a Senior Staff Clinical Specialist at Google Health. He is focused on clinical product strategy, applied machine learning, and consumer digital health offerings. As Medical Director at Google, he founded the health insurance analytics team, and developed an Accountable Care Organization risk-sharing plan and clinical quality incentive program. Prior to Google, Dr. Wei served with the White House as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, focused on the consumer health data interoperability standards and ecosystem. Dr. Wei previously led Aetna’s Innovation Labs. At ActiveHealth, Dr. Wei was Sr. Medical Director for R&D leading a team on consumer PHRs, clinical decision support, population health management programs and complex case management including social determinants of health programs. At McKinsey, he developed corporate and business unit strategy for hospitals, insurers, health IT and pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies. He is currently adjunct faculty at Cornell in Health Policy & Research, where he also previously completed his residency in Internal Medicine and medical degree. At Harvard University, Henry earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Biology, publishing his thesis on sleep and aging at Harvard Medical School.


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    Henry Wei, MD
    Senior Staff Clinical Specialist



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