Making a Difference

Students enroll in the School of Public Health to improve the health of communities, not to enter lucrative careers. Their ability to live out their high ideals is directly related to our ability to provide financial aid. The generous support of our donors helps us create scholarships to attract the best students, reduce their debt burden, and open doors to worthy careers in public health. In this series of profiles, you’ll meet outstanding students who are thriving at YSPH—students whose aims and accomplishments are brought to fruition through endowments.

2014 Summer Internships

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Tracy George - Washington, D.C.

Tracy was in intern at Center for Science in the Public Interest in their health promotion policy department and a garden apprentice at Wangari Gardens, a 


community garden.

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Jennifer Grasso - Palacios, Bolivia

Supported by a rural clinic in Palacios, Bolivia, Jennifer conducted interviews with Promotores de Salud to qualitatively evaluate program status and development.


Bert Hootsmans - Kampala, Uganda

Bert worked with the Alliance for Stroke Awareness and Prevention Project (ASAPP) on a case-control study to determine risk factors for hypertension.


Nirupama Krishnamurthi - Santa Marta, Colombia

Nirupama worked with children from the indigenous populations of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, who were affected with Chagas disease.

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Jina Li - Geneva, Switzerland

Jina interned at the World Health Organization with the Cost-Effectiveness, Expenditure, and Priority Settings unit.

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Luis E. Maldonado - Kintampo, Ghana

Luis conducted a qualitative pilot study to assess maternal attitudes, behaviors and beliefs around hookworm infection in rural Ghana.

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Suhana Sarkar - Santa Elena, Ecuador

Suhana  conducted a research project with a team of Yale students to assess the barriers and facilitators of Type 2 Diabetes management in the resource-limited coastal towns of Ecuador. 

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Andrew Schneider - Salvador, Brazil

Andrew's research in Salvador was intended to help describe the behavior of Leptospira interrogans, the bacteria that causes the disease leptospirosis.


Kimberly Vasquez - León, Nicaragua

This summer Kimberly Vasquez worked with a research team in an HIV clinic at a public hospital in León, Nicaragua and participated in community service.