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Requirements for the MPH Global Health Concentration

Requirements - 2019-2020 Matriculation

Students pursuing the Global Health Concentration must fulfill the requirements of their respective departments or programs. In addition, the Global Health Concentration requires the student to complete the following courses. As part of the Global Health Concentration, it is strongly encouraged that students focus their Master’s Thesis (if applicable) on a global health issue as determined by their department/program.

Students pursuing the GHC may also propose courses not listed here as potential GHC electives. In this case, students must complete the required approval form which will be available on the GHC website. Requests must be approved before the YSPH course registration deadline. Upon receiving this form, the YSPH GHC program will let you know if this course meets GHC elective requirements.

GHC Course Requirements (5 course units)

Course Title Units Term Offered Term Taken Notes
EPH 591 Global Health Seminar n/a Fall    
EMD/HPM 566 Critical Issues in Global Health 1 Spring    
EPH 520** Summer Internship
Please note that all internships must meet the Office of Public Health Practice guidelines
n/a Summer    
EPH 557 Evidence-Based Decision Making in Global Health (Capstone) 1 Spring    

Three courses from at least two of the perspectives of public health

(List of previously approved courses.*Please note that all courses listed may not be offered each term.)
CourseTitleUnitsTerm OfferedTerm TakenNotes

**Students must complete a global health focused internship in a low to middle income country. If the student has already had 10-12 weeks of global health experience, they can do an internship based in the United States or another high-income country as long as it is pertinent to global health; otherwise, they must do an internship abroad. This alternative option must be approved by the GHC office prior to the start of the internship. All GHC students conducting an international internship must complete the International Pre-Departure Training held in the spring semester of their first year.

rev. 6.28. 2019

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Competencies for the M.P.H. Global Health Concentration and the Advanced Professional M.P.H. Program Global Health Track

Each student in the Global Health Concentration will master the core curriculum competencies and the competencies for the student’s department or program. In addition, upon receiving an M.P.H. degree in the Global Health Concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Describe global burden of disease patterns across world regions and population characteristics. 
  • Analyze the roles, relationships and resources influencing global heath governance and infrastructure. 
  • Propose sustainable, evidence-based solutions to address key global health challenges across the life course 
  • Apply ethical approaches in global health research and practice. 
  • Apply monitoring and evaluation techniques to global health programs, policies or outcomes. 
  • Display skills in applying research to global health policy and practice.

Read the MPH Foundational Competencies on the Admissions pages.  

rev. 4.24.2019

Global Health Concentration Internships

All MPH students working towards the Global Health Concentration are required to complete an internship in a low to middle income country as part of their studies. This internship isduring the summer and typically involves 10-12 weeks of full–time work. Students apply for an internship opportunity in conjunction with their faculty advisor, by searching the Career Board internship database or accessing a global network of YSPH alumni. The location of the internship is largely up to the student and sites have included, but are not limited to Liberia, Brazil or India. For information on finding and funding an internship, see the Internship section on the main YSPH website.

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