Global Health Seminar

Global Health Seminar

The Global Health Seminar is a weekly course for students in the health professional schools to be exposed to key issues upon which they may base future research, service, and clinical pursuits in the field of global health.  The course features faculty from across the health professional schools and other global health experts from around the world. Its collaborative nature provides a rich environment for interdisciplinary dialogue. The objectives of the course are for students to:

  • gain exposure to current global health challenges taking into consideration a variety of perspectives;
  • engage in meaningful discussions with health professionals working in medicine, nursing, and public health along with invited speakers and Yale faculty; and
  • cultivate relationships with Yale faculty, outside experts, and students resulting in potential research/fellowship opportunities.

The Global Health Seminar is a requirement for students in the Global Health Concentration at the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) and for students in the Certificate in Global Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine (YSM). Students from YSPH must take the course in their first year. In addition to faculty advisors from the School of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Physician Associate Program, a program manager from YSPH supports the course.

Class Participation and Reading

Before each session, 1 - 2 readings and reflection questions will be posted. Students are required to study the readings and come prepared with reactions (not written) to the reflection questions. For additional background, students can use Richard Skolnik’s “Essentials of Global Health,” as supplemental reading. Students are encouraged to articulate other questions and ideas for class discussion. The success of each session is dependent upon active participation and we will observe a no laptop policy during the class. 
Lecture Day/Time      Thursday, 5:00 – 6:20
Location                     47 College Street, Room 106A

Faculty Director & Advisors

  • Michael Skonieczny , Lecturer in Public Health; Deputy Director, Yale Institute for Global Health
  • Rosana Gonzalez-Colaso , Assistant Professor in the Physician Associate Program; Faculty at Equity Research and Innovative Center (ERIC)
  • Tracy Rabin , Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Assistant Director, Office of Global Health (Department of Internal Medicine); Associate Program Director for Global and Community Health, Yale Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Patricia Ryan-Krause , Associate Professor of Nursing and Clinical Coordinator at the Center for International Nursing Scholarship and Education
  • Sheela Shenoi , Assistant Professor of Medicine (AIDS)
  • Anjuli Bodyk , Assistant Director, Global Health Concentration