Yale-Collaborative Action Project (Y-CAP)

Global Health at Yale invites applications to the Yale-Collaborative Action Project (Y-CAP) award supported by the Maureen and Antoine Chiquet Fund for Global Health to enable scholarly endeavors for teams of Yale students (undergraduates and graduates) working in the field of global health. Funded projects bring together students to address challenging problems affecting the health of disadvantaged populations globally, with a preference for Africa. Teams will be composed of 2-4 Yale students. Individual team members are strongly encouraged to seek additional funding for the component of the project that they will be leading, as appropriate.

Project Duration: Each person who receives a Y-CAP Award is expected on be at the proposed site and engaged in the Y-CAP project for a minimum duration of 8 continuous weeks. Students who cannot commit to honoring this requirement are not eligible to receive an award.

Y-CAP seeks to fund projects with the following attributes: 

1) Teams of 2 to 4 Yale students, preferably representing at least two academic disciplines (e.g., biology, anthropology, engineering, etc.). Teams must include at least one undergraduate, and preference will be given to teams that also include graduate students, particularly from the Yale School of Public Health. 

2) Proposed projects should identify a health problem of global importance as evidenced by the published literature and develop a scholarly and ethically rigorous proposal to address it. In addition to academic research, proposals that engage social innovation, social entrepreneurship, advocacy or policy and management are encouraged. 

3) Preference will be given to projects based in Africa, though applications for all regions are welcome. 

4) Applicants should make a clear and convincing case as to why a team approach is best suited for addressing the identified problem and what unique contribution (e.g. methodological, analytical, etc.) each applicant brings to the project.

If you are having trouble finding teammates for your project, please send a short description (2-3 sentences) of your proposed project to Alyssa Parpia who will help facilitate connecting you with students who share your research interests.

Apply through the Yale Grants Database (search "Y-CAP").


For further information on Y-CAP, contact:

Kaveh Khoshnood, Associate Prof. EMD; Director Undergraduate Studies in Public Health

Suzanne Wirak, Macmillan Center

Alyssa Parpia, Mentor