Competencies - Health Care Management

Upon receiving an M.P.H. degree with a concentration in Health Care Management, the student will be able to: 
  • Conduct financial analyses, including reading and analyzing financial statements. 
  • Conduct economic analyses, including cost-effectiveness analysis, to inform public health management decision-making. 
  • Apply operations management concepts to address organizational performance issues in health service organizations. 
  • Apply the principles of marketing analysis and planning to public health programs and health service organizations. 
  • Utilize statistical analysis skills to conduct health systems and policy research. 
  • Utilize research design and data management skills to conduct health policy and management research. 
  • Evaluate health care financing, regulatory and delivery systems. 
  • Demonstrate written communication skills to effectively communicate in professional health policy and community settings. 
  • Demonstrate oral communication and presentation skills to effectively communicate in professional health policy and community settings. 
  • Utilize advocacy, persuasion, and negotiation skills to influence health policy and management decision making. 
  • Perform strategic analysis and planning for public health care organizations. 
  • Describe legal perspectives on health policy and management issues, including assessment of legal and regulatory environments in the context of public health. 
  • Apply ethical decision making in a health care context. 
  • Apply management problem-solving skills to improve functioning of organizations and agencies in health systems. 
  • Demonstrate leadership, team-based collaboration, and conflict management skills. 
  • Coach and provide constructive feedback to colleagues. 
  • Work with and incorporate perspectives of culturally diverse groups.