The Accelerated MBA/MPH in Health Care Management - Two Year Plan of Study

Summer Term (School of Public Health)

Number Title Course Units
BIS 515c Accelerated Biostatistics  2
CDE 505c Accelerated Social and Behavioral Foundations of Health 1
CDE 515c Accelerated Epidemiology 1
SOM Math Camp with E-MBAs (July)
SOM Orientation Program (1 week in August)

Fall Semester - Year 1 (School of Management)

Number Title Course Units
MGT 401a Managing Groups and Teams 1
MGT 402a Basics of Accounting 2
MGT 403a Probability Modeling and Statistics  2
MGT 404a Basics of Economics 2.5
MGT 405a Modeling Managerial Decisions 2
MGT 408a Introduction to Negotiations 0.5
MGT 410a Competitor 2
MGT 411a Customer 2
MGT 412a Investor 2
MGT 418a Power and Politics 2
MGT 423a Sourcing and Managing Funds 2
HPM/MGT 699a Health Care Leadership Seminar (YSPH) 0
EPH 515 Ethics and Public Health: An Introduction (YSPH) 0
EPH 100 Professional Skills Series (YSPH) 0
SOM Elective  0.5
SOM Elective  2
SOM Elective 2
SOM Global Studies Requirement n/a

Spring Semester- Year 1 (School of Management)

Number Title Course Units
MGT 413b State and Society 2
MGT 415b Advanced Leadership 1
MGT 418b Global Virtual Teams 2
MGT 420b Employee 2
MGT 421b Innovator 2
MGT 422b Operations Engine 2
MGT 425b The Global Macroeconomy 2
MGT 430b The Executive 2
HPM/MGT 698b Health Care Policy, Finance, and Economics (YSPH) 1
HPM 583b OR Elective Methods in Health Services Research OR Elective at YSPH 1
HPM/MGT 699b Health Care Leadership Seminar 0.5
SOM Elective  2
SOM Global Studies Requirement n/a

Summer Term

Number Title Course Units
Summer Internship in Health Care Industry (must be approved to receive YSPH credit) 0

Fall Semester- Year 2 (School of Public Health)

Number Title Course Units
EHS 507a OR EHS 575a Environmental Epidemiology OR Introduction to Occupational and Environmental Medicine 1
HPM 570a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Decision Making 1
HPM/MGT 699a* Health Care Leadership Seminar (can replace with elective at YSPH) 0
Elective at YSPH 1
Elective at YSPH 1
Elective at YSPH (1 course unit) or Elective at SOM (4 course units) 1 OR 4

Spring Semester- Year 2 (School of Management)

Number Title Course Units
HPM 561b/MGT 630b Managing Health Care Organizations (YSPH) 1
HPM 583b OR Elective Methods in Health Services Research OR Elective at YSPH 1
HPM/MGT 699a* Health Care Leadership Seminar (can replace with elective at YSPH) 0.5
Global Health Care Management Course at YSPH (recommended courses include EMD/HPM 566b, HPM 576b or CDE 551b  1
Elective in Leadership at SOM 4
Elective at YSPH (1 course unit) or Elective at SOM (4 course units) 1 OR 4

A standard SOM course receives 4 units; a standard YSPH course receives 1 unit. Thus, one 4-unit SOM course is equivalent to one 1-unit YSPH course.

* A student may choose not to enroll in the seminar this year, in which case the student (with advisor) must identify another at least .5 health-related course as a substitute. This course can be taken in either year. The student must notify the YSPH Registrar before the registration deadline so that the course can be added to the YSPH transcript.  

MPH – 14 course units

MBA – 52 course units

  • 33 course units of MBA core coursework. See SOM Curriculum for required courses in Year 1.
  • 19 course units of elective coursework (this can include the 14 units completed for the MPH)
  • Students are required to enroll in a Leadership elective to fulfill the Leadership Requirement.  Please see SOM Registrar for list of course options. Although listed in curriculum guide for Year 2 Spring, desired course may be taken at a different time as permitted by SOM.

Course registration: For YSPH, every semester, you must notify the Registrar of courses that you plan to take toward the MPH degree. An email should be sent to the Registrar by the course registration deadline for YSPH so that the course can be entered on your transcript. Copy your advisor on the email. The only exception is Fall of Year 2, when you will be able to electronically register because you are officially enrolled as a YSPH student. 

  • We encourage taking Methods in Health Services Research in Year 1 (with your HCM classmates), but you are allowed to postpone until Year 2. 

*Course exemption/waiver: Students may petition for exemption from courses at YSPH, except summer courses, for which they can demonstrate competency. Students must secure the permission of instructor and submit the signed form to the YSPH Registrar. Each faculty member at YSPH determines what is required to demonstrate competency in his/her course (e.g., course syllabus, transcript with top grade, exam, deliverable, etc.). Students may receive exemption for Accounting, Economics, and/or Probability and Statistics at SOM by receiving a passing grade on the placement exam at the start of the academic year. When exemption is received for a course at SOM or YSPH, students must take a replacement course at the respective school in order to complete the required number of course units for the degree. The exception is the Professional Skills Seminar. No additional course is required if exemption received (from YSPH Office of Career Services), although the

Electives at YSPH: As noted above, 3 electives must be taken at YSPH. Electives towards degree requirements are to be used to enhance the student’s public health competencies as they pursue the M.P.H. degree.  Electives at YSPH (minimum of 3) should be courses offered by YSPH or YSPH approved health-related courses; it is not acceptable to substitute a non-health course not offered by YSPH.  Approved courses generally have a YSPH course number. Courses taken at Yale College (undergraduate) must be 300 series or above in order to receive a course unit toward the M.P.H. degree. When you take a course toward the MPH degree, you must register for it through YSPH so that it appears on your MPH transcript; 14 course credits must appear on your YSPH transcript.

Electives at SOM: You should follow the same bidding process as all SOM joint degree students. You have the same number of bidding points as all joint degree students. Points received is proportional to the tuition paid to/required time at SOM; joints receive less points than MBAs because they should spend part

Summer internship and Public Health Practicum Requirement (Effective Date:  February 12, 2016)

Accelerated MBA/MPH students are exempt from the mandatory YSPH summer internship requirement but must fulfill the YSPH public health practicum requirement. The HCM program continues to strongly recommend the completion of a qualifying internship in the health care industry to fulfill the public health practicum requirement. If the student cannot find a suitable internship that meets his/her needs, the student can petition the Director or Associate Director for a waiver. In lieu of a public health summer internship, those receiving a waiver are required to take one of the approved YSPH practicum courses during the academic year. Course credit is received for the approved YSPH practicum courses. Students opting to conduct an appropriate summer internship that would fulfill the YSPH practicum guidelines will follow the same YSPH internship protocols as other YSPH students, working with their faculty advisors and the Office of Public Health Practice to develop an appropriate internship placement and work plan. Students should attend one of the internship orientation and education sessions arranged by the Office of Public Health Practice to facilitate internship planning. Dates for these sessions are posted on the YSPH website at the start of the spring semester.  Given the unique features of the accelerated joint MBA/MPH program, decisions relative to how these students fulfill the YSPH practicum requirement will be managed at the program level (by the Program Directors of the Accelerated MBA/MPH Program) in coordination with the Office of Public Health Practice. 

rev. 8.11.2018