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Requirements - 2019 - 2020 Matriculation

The M.P.H. degree requires a total of 20 course units. The M.P.H. in Health Care Management (HCM) requires the student to complete or acquire an exemption from the following courses. Full time students must carry a minimum of 4 course units each semester. If a course is waived, a substitute course must be identified.

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MPH Core Courses (5 course units)

Course Title Units Term Offered Term Taken Notes
EPH 505 Biostatistics in Public Health I 1 Fall    
EPH 507 Social Justice and Health Equity 1 Fall    
EPH 508 Foundations of Epidemiology for Public Health 1 Fall    
EPH 510 Health Policy and Health Care Systems 1 Fall    
EPH 513 Social, Environmental, & Biological Determinates of Major Health Threats 1 Spring    
EPH 100 Professional Skills Series n/a Fall    
EPH 515 Ethics and Public Health: An Introduction n/a Fall    
EPH 520 Summer Internship (meets public health practice requirement) n/a Summer    

HCM Department Required Courses (8.5 course units)

Course Title Units Term Offered Term Taken Notes
HPM 583 Methods in Health Services Research 1 Spring    
HPM 586 Microeconomics for Health Policy and Health Management 1 Fall    
HPM 699 & HPM 700 Colloquium in Health Care Leadership (two semesters) 0.5 Fall/Spring    
MGT/HPM 502* Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance 1 Fall    
MGT 525* Competitive Strategy 1 Spring    
MGT/HPM 698* Health Care Policy, Finance, and Economics 1 Spring    
MGT 856* Managing Marketing Programs (half-term) 0.5 Spring 2    
MGT 879* Health Care Operations (half-term) 0.5 Spring 1    
MGT 887* Negotiations: Beyond Win-Win (half-term) 0.5 Fall 2    
HPM 688 Managing Health Care in Complex Systems (capstone) 1 Spring    

One of the following:

Course Title Units Term Offered Term Taken Notes
HPM 595 Food and Drug Administration Law 1 Fall    
MGT 663 The Life Sciences Industry 0.5 Fall    
MGT 657 Creating Healthcare and Life Sciences Ventures (.5) 0.5 Spring    
HPM 536/MGT 668 Narratives in Health Media on the Social Internet 0.5 Spring    
HPM/MGT 995 Sustainable Innovations 0.5 Spring    

Elective Courses (5.5-6)

Course Title Units Term Offered Term Taken Notes
*These courses are offered in the School of Management.

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