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Research in HPM applies the conceptual frameworks and research methods from economics, health policy, and organizational theory and management. Examples of ongoing faculty research include the following Current Divisional Research Projects

  • Examining School Policy Effects and Consequences of Childhood Obesity
  • Understanding Social Network Effects on Health Behaviors
  • The Long-Run and Intergenerational Effects on Early Life Experiences: Evidence from Developing Countries
  • Economic and Policy Analysis of Adolescent Mental Health Behaviors
  • Organizational learning and quality improvement
  • Health systems strengthening in low-income settings
  • Impact of work life and habits of health
  • Economic and policy analysis of substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, and smoking) including treatment effectiveness, cost effectiveness and outcomes.
  • Examining the impact of health care spending on the economic well being of households
  • End-of-life care such as use and impact of hospice care
  • Impact of health insurance design on cost, quality and access to health services
  • Variation in quality of hospital care and mortality rates