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New Faculty Friday

February 01, 2019

Leslie Curry: Health policy expert, menagerie keeper, country life

The Yale School of Public Health proudly welcomes a large number of new tenure track faculty joining us this academic year. These individuals have widely varied interests and excel in research, scholarship, innovation and teaching. They complement and expand the expertise already available at the School of Public Health and will be instrumental in addressing many of the health challenges of the 21st century.

Today we spotlight Leslie Curry, professor of public health (health policy and management). Leslie is director of the patient centered outcomes research training program at Yale-CORE; a lecturer at Yale College and associate director of the Yale Scholars in Implementation Science (YCIS) Training Program. She is a core faculty member at the Yale Global Health Leadership Initiative. Leslie holds a Ph.D. (2000) and a M.P.H. (1991) from the University of Connecticut. She earned her B.A. from Tufts University (1984).

Q: Describe your primary academic focus or research specialty?

LC: My primary academic focus is in evaluation of complex interventions at state and national levels in the United States and internationally. I am specifically interested in the role of leadership, organizational culture and performance in diverse, cross-sectoral systems. I bring mixed methods (both qualitative and quantitative approaches) to questions of diffusion of innovations in policy and practice.

Q: What are your long-term goals in public health?

LC: I hope to contribute to stronger health systems that effectively integrate social and medical care in order to improve health for all.

Q: How will the resources available at the Yale School of Public Health help you achieve your goals?

LC: The wonderfully diverse faculty bring essential perspectives for the study of complex interventions. In my experience, faculty and students are highly collaborative and I am looking forward to working in cross-disciplinary and cross-professional teams to address shared challenges in public health.

Q: Tell us something about yourself away from public health? (E.g., hobbies, interests, pursuits, etc.)

LC: I live in a rural town about an hour from campus with my family and a large menagerie of farm animals.

Submitted by Elisabeth Reitman on January 30, 2019