In collaboration with global partners, our GHLI team conducts and disseminates research to improve health system performance and health outcomes. We use leading-edge research methods, including positive deviance and mixed methods, to pursue discoveries in several focal areas: 

  • Health outcomes and quality of care in diverse settings and their organizational, contextual, and socioeconomic determinants. 
  • Essential components of leadership and organizational culture change, including how they lead to flexible, efficient and effective health organizations and systems.
  • Efforts to improve management capacity across health care systems. 
  • Evaluation of complex interventions to improve organizational and health systems performance, identifying factors required to embed, sustain, and scale successful health interventions.
social service for older adults

Social Determinants and Health Outcomes

Decades of research have shown that social determinants of health play crucial roles that influence health outcomes.

Leadership Saves Lives - image

Organizational Culture Change

Leadership is essential in the establishment of effective organizational culture to drive achievement of health targets.

health management research

Health Management

Management development programs for health care.

Scale up and Spread

Scale Up and Spread

A framework for understanding what works in scaling up evidence-based health interventions in low-income countries.

Positive Deviance and Mixed Methods - grid

Positive Deviance and Mixed Methods

Cutting edge research methods, including positive deviance and mixed methods.