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Student Spotlight – Sushrut Arora

September 19, 2018
by Denise Meyer

Meeting the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic was one of many amazing moments during his summer internship, says Sushrut Arora. A student in the Health Care Management Program and Regulatory Affairs Track at YSPH, he worked this summer in International Business Development on a new affiliation that the Cleveland Clinic launched in Shanghai, Cleveland Clinic Connected.. One of the largest academic medical centers in the country with 1400 beds, the Cleveland Clinic’s affiliated network includes over 4500 beds both in the US and abroad.

Drawing on institutional experience from operations in Toronto, Abu Dhabi and London, Sushrut’s main project was to work with a team writing a playbook to guide international business operations. The manual attempts to include all business operations, including sales and contract policies, branding, invoicing and will be used to guide new partnerships and staff. “It was fun to see all the legal and financial details and meet stakeholders across the clinic,” says Sushrut. “By the end of the summer, we had a great working draft.” He also prepared a report on healthcare in China, worked on market research on how other major U.S. health systems engage in digital health internationally and did internal benchmarking for the clinic’s Executive Health Programs.

As he enters his second-year in the MPH program Sushrut is taking full advantage of the greater university’s offerings. He is taking courses not just in the School of Public Health, but also at the schools of management, law and divinity, where he is excited about a course in theology and medicine. “It is all about gaining as many diverse perspectives on health care as possible.”

Submitted by Denise Meyer on September 18, 2018