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Student Spotlight – Greg Green

October 03, 2018

Greg Green is a seasoned healthcare consultant with expertise in health system finance, clinical operations, chronic disease management and process improvement methods. Formerly a vice president of sales for a consulting and technology firm working with top health systems across the country, Greg decided that for the next chapter of his career, he wanted to surround himself with people as passionate about improving healthcare as he is.

Now a student in the Health Policy track of the Advanced Professional MPH program, an 11-month program for students with extensive professional experience or advanced degrees, Greg immediately knew he had made the right decision after getting to know the accomplished and passionate professionals in his cohort during the intensive six-week summer session. The group, comprised of individuals from all over the world with backgrounds in medicine, law, business and nursing, challenged him in completely unexpected ways. “Every single person in the program has done something impressive and offers a perspective that inspires hope for the future of healthcare,” Greg said. He adds that, “the exchange of new ideas and complimentary skillsets was my favorite part of the summer core courses. The summer session enables meaningful relationships amongst the brightest future leaders of healthcare organizations. These are professionals who aren’t shying away from big challenges.”

Looking to the future, Greg hopes to translate his experience to improve care delivery and the management of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. He believes the rise of lifestyle diseases creates unsustainable cost burdens on the healthcare system and will require new delivery models amongst employers, payers and providers alike. “Public health is population health. It’s a skillset that is positioned to deliver value in healthcare,” says Greg. “The government pushes change through policy, but it’s up to businesses, healthcare systems and individuals to respond.”

Submitted by Denise Meyer on October 01, 2018