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Student Spotlight – Kritika Dubey

April 05, 2019
by Denise Meyer

Kritika Dubey is interested in the operational aspects of healthcare. In her first job working for a medical association in New Jersey, she studied practice gaps and quickly learned that every physician she talked to was frustrated with their business systems. She was attracted to YSPH’s Health Care Management MPH program because its unique curriculum draws expertise from both the schools of public health and management, developing skills in both arenas. In addition, she has learned to look at other industries that are further ahead in terms of efficiency than healthcare. This positions her to bridge the language barriers between healthcare providers and administrators.

In particular, Kritika is passionate about using quality improvement methodology to reduce inefficiencies. When successful, this has been shown to improve not only outcomes but also to cut costs. Through her extracurricular work with the School of Management’s Social Impact Consulting group as well as a health care management practicum and internship, she has worked on projects for Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, the Mass General Hospital system and Stanford Health Care in California. “It’s easy for silos to exist in big healthcare systems,” says Kritika, "but if you can identify the gaps and improve communication between vested parties, change can be welcomed and successful.”

As she steams toward graduation, her last New Haven pizza and future job as a senior consultant, Kritika is grateful for the tight, well-connected community she found in the HCM program. Coming from a large undergraduate institution, she loves her YSPH family and all that she has learned not only in the classroom, but from her classmates.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on April 05, 2019