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Amy Justice Is Named C.N.H. Long Professor

August 08, 2019

Amy Caroline Justice, MD, PhD, recently appointed as the C.N.H. Long Professor of Medicine and of Public Health, has conducted research focusing on outcomes in chronic HIV infection for over 25 years.

Justice’s research considers the complex roles of aging, symptoms, medical treatment, adherence, patient-provider relationships, disease severity, and medical and psychiatric comorbid illness in determining survival and quality of life for people with HIV infection.

The oldest and best known of Justice’s projects is the Veterans Aging Cohort Study (VACS). VACS is an ongoing, longitudinal study of >170,000 United States veterans with and without HIV infection continuously funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 1996. She has developed and validated widely used indices including a prognostic index, the VACS Index, and a patient reported symptom index, the HIV Symptom Index. She is currently the principal investigator of four NIH grants, has published over 400 peer reviewed manuscripts, and has presented work at the United Nations, The International AIDS Society, The Royal Medical College in London, the White House, and Congress. Justice is a member of the National Cancer Institute Ad hoc Subcommittee on HIV and AIDS Malignancy and the HIV and Aging Working Group, NIH Office of AIDS Research. She has recently joined the International Advisory Boards of Lancet HIV and Journal of the International AIDS Society. She is the national scientific liaison for research between the U.S. Veterans Health Administration and the Department of Energy.

Justice trained at Harvard College (B.A.), Yale School of Medicine (M.D.), University of Pennsylvania (M.SCE.), and the Wharton School (Ph.D.). She completed a residency in medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Program Clinical Scholars fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked within the VA Healthcare System for three decades, serving as a primary care provider for two decades. Justice served as section chief of General Medicine at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System West Haven for 13 years. She began her career at the University of Pennsylvania and joined the Yale faculty in 2003.

Submitted by Robert Forman on August 12, 2019