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The research mission of the Department of Health Policy and Management is to advance the health of the public by promoting a research-based approach to decisions in health and medicine.  Department faculty are involved in research and leadership activities that aim to enhance understanding, explore consequences, and promote equity, efficiency, quality, and access. Our research contributions span the many levels of decision making in health and medicine, from the broadest view of societal policy formation, through organizational behavior and performance, through clinical practice, to consumer and patient choice. Research in the  Department applies the methods and theories of economics, epidemiology, political science, organizational theory, and operations research to study the processes by which health policies are created and implemented, the consequences of health care interventions to quality of care and quality of life, and the management of health care systems and institutions. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Use of behavioral health economics to develop programs that use financial incentives to encourage people to change health behaviors
  • Improving mental health through social policy
  • The application of program evaluation to a variety of clinical and social issues
  • The effects of Medicaid managed care on the health and well being of vulnerable populations
  • Understanding how changing market structure affects price and quality of health care
  • GHLI brings together policymakers, practitioners and researchers to foster evidence-based problem-solving, inspire leadership and debate global health issues. We conduct and disseminate research to improve health systems around the world, generating scientifice evidence that can be translated into improved helath policies and practices. 

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