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Global Health

Global Health

Global Health

HPM researchers conduct and disseminate research to improve health systems, generating scientific evidence that can be translated into improved health policies and practices for primary care delivery, HIV/AIDS, addiction, social and climate issues and more. Faculty currently have presence in several African countries and China.

Our faculty are affiliated with the Yale Institute for Global Health brings together policymakers, practitioners and researchers from across the University to foster evidence-based problem-solving, inspire leadership and debate global health issues.

In addition, School of Public Health's Global Health Leadership Initiative (GHLI) generates cutting-edge research and high-impact educational programs in management, leadership and organizational performance. For over 10 years, GHLI has served as a leading academic partner, working in the US and around the world. GHLI brings diverse teams together in pursuit of ambitious healthcare goals, engaging faculty, students and practitioners from across disciplines to promote effective leadership capacity and efficient management systems at the national, sub-national, community and health facility level. GHLI leadership development programs are guided by a model of experiential learning that enhances both individual and group problem-solving capacity, develops effective relationships and organizational cultures, promotes use of data for decision-making, and generates evidence-based solutions that can be scaled up.

More than 8 million children could face higher insurance costs without CHIP

More than 8 million children enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) could be at risk of losing coverage if federal funding for the program is not extended this year. Children with chronic conditions are most vulnerable, and their families could face substantial cost increases if they lose CHIP coverage and need to shift their insurance to a Marketplace plan, according to a Yale study.

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