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Jason Schwartz

May 13, 2020
Jason Schwartz
  • 00:00Congratulations to the great class of 2020.
  • 00:03My
  • 00:03colleagues and I could not be more proud of all
  • 00:06that you've accomplished during your time here and how you approached your work with passion,
  • 00:11With Curiosity, with commitment and with resilience,
  • 00:13particularly during these past few months.
  • 00:15The spring is obviously not how
  • 00:16any of us would have imagined your time at YSPH
  • 00:20concluding, but it reminds us that the importance and the urgency
  • 00:23of the work that you're now prepared to take on, promoting
  • 00:26the health of populations in our communities,
  • 00:28our country, and our
  • 00:29world. The challenges are great.
  • 00:31But you're up to the task and
  • 00:33we look forward to watching your achievements in the years to come.
  • 00:36Congratulations.