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Rafael Pérez-Escamilla

May 13, 2020
Rafael Pérez-Escamilla
  • 00:00Hello, my name is Rafael Pérez-Escamilla and I am a professor in the School of Public Health and first and foremost I want to give my heartfelt congratulations
  • 00:15to the MPH YSPH class of 2020.
  • 00:18I know how hard you
  • 00:21have worked and I know how far you have come.
  • 00:26I know also that this has happened as a result
  • 00:31of the love and support from your families and loved ones.
  • 00:36and I want to include them in my warm congratulations as well.
  • 00:42These are difficult times which illustrate
  • 00:45the fact that you have chosen one of the most
  • 00:50important fields of work for the future of humanity.
  • 00:54I am immensely proud of each and all of you and I know that myself.
  • 01:02my colleagues and the world will be hearing many, many good things in the years to come from all of you who collectively will make our world a better place
  • 01:13to live. Thank you very much and please
  • 01:16do stay in touch. Take care.