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Tassos Kyriakides

May 18, 2020
Tassos Kyriakides
  • 00:00I am Tassos Kyriakides, president of the Board of the Association of Ayale Alumni in Public Health.
  • 00:07On behalf of
  • 00:08the board, the association and its members.
  • 00:11We
  • 00:12congratulate you on completing your degree at the Yale School of Public Health.
  • 00:16Your presence here has enriched not only the faculty and staff around you,
  • 00:21but all those you interacted with during your time
  • 00:25here. We live in unprecedented times and public health has taken a lead role on how,
  • 00:31as a world we move forward.
  • 00:34I'm confident that you will take what you learn here and try to improve.
  • 00:39The health and the lives of those around you.
  • 00:44The Alumni Association is proud of
  • 00:47your achievements and we welcome you to join us in
  • 00:50our effort to improve the world's health.