Olaga n. life

Obesity and related cardiometabolic diseases are more prevalent among Pacific Islanders than any other population in the world. 

The Obesity, Lifestyle, And Genetic Adaptations (OLAGA; “life” in Samoan) Study Group uses a life course approach to understand the origins of obesity among Samoans and other Pacific Islanders and focuses on developing culturally relevant interventions to reduce the burden of obesity and obesity-related conditions. 

Goals of the Research Group 

  • To conduct epidemiologic research that will serve as the evidence base for developing interventions to prevent obesity 
  • To develop and rigorously test novel intervention approaches targeted at early life prevention of obesity and associated cardiometabolic disease 
  • To enhance community partnerships for local and regional capacity building 

Ongoing Studies 

We have several ongoing studies in Samoa and American Samoa. To read more about these studies visit our Research and Publications pages. Follow us on Facebook for study updates.