On-Demand Trainings

Below is a listing of the trainings that are currently available as recorded, on-demand webcasts via our learning management system, TRAIN.

TRAIN Course Title Presenter TRAIN Course Number Original Broadcast Date
Hot Topics: Results from the Connecticut 2015 Datahaven Community Wellbeing Survey Mark Abraham, Executive Director of Datahaven 1064311 6/22/16
CT Healthy Homes: Connecticuts Approach to Public Drinking Water and Public Health Protection Mark Sceery, EPA Region 1 Coordinator, Lori Mathieu, Section Chief of CT DPH Drinking Water Section 1062854 3/17/16
Hot Topics: Advocacy vs Lobbying in Public Health Kathleen Hoke, JD & William Tilburg JD - National Network for Public Health Law & Peter Lewendowski, JD, CT Office of State Ethics 1062814 3/15/16
Hot Topics: Personal Professional Development Plans for Public Health Agencies Meredith Fahey, MBA, Yale University Human Resources Department 1062612 3/4/16
CT Healthy Homes Series: Liability and Code Enforcement: What Public Health Needs to Know Judith Dicine, JD, Office of the Chief State’s Attorney & Joseph Schwartz, JD, Murtha Cullina Attorneys at Law 1062325 2/18/16
CT Healthy Homes Series: The Economic Impacts of Childhood Lead Exposure Jessica W. Reyes, PhD, Amherst College 1061610 1/21/16
Hot Topics: Community Engagement Models and Stories from the Field Augusta Mueller, MBA: Yale New Haven Health. Louise Kent, MBA, CQI, Northern Kentucky Health Department 1061266  1/7/16
Hot Topics: Healthy Approaches to Place Making  Kate Rube, Vice President, Project for Public Spaces. Jennifer Smith Program Manager, Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy. 1060730 12/3/15
Hot Topics: Building Evidence to improve the infrastructure of local public health through practice based research networks Justeen Hyde, Harvard Medical School. Jenifer Kertanis, Farmington Valley Health District.  1059859  10/14/15
Healthy Homes Series: EPA's Renovation, Replair and Painting (RRP) Program James M. Bryson, EPA 1059338  8/27/15
Healthy Homes Series: Pesticide Misuse and the Home Environment Susannah Reese, MS, StopPests in Housing: Cornell University. Kaci Buhl, Senior Research Assistant, Oregon State Univeristy.  1058752 7/23/23015
Healthy Homes Series: Off-Gassing and the Home Environment William Turner, MS, PE, CEO: Turner Building Science and Design. Steven M. Caulfield, PE, CIH, Present of Turner Building Science and Design.  1058502  7/14/15
CT Healthy Homes: From Carpets to Cosmetics: Chemical Risks in Consumer Products Gary Ginsberg, PhD, Toxicologist, CT DPH, Joan Simpson, MSPH, Epidemiologist, CT DPH 1051031  5/14/14
CT-RI PHTC Updates on Human Papillomavirus (HPV): Coverage, impact and future directions
Linda Niccolai, PhD, ScM, Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Microbial Diseases  1050950  5/8/14
CT Healthy Homes: Public Health Implications of Recreational Freshwater Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria Blooms) Diane Mas, PhD, Senior Engineer, Fuss @ O'Neill, Inc. Stewart Chute, PhD, Toxicologist, CT DPH Environmental Health Section 1050274  5/26/13
CT Healthy Homes: The CT DPH Healthy Homes Surveillance System…Finally! Krista Veneziano is an Epidemiolgist, CT DPH 1048515  1/15/14
Access Health CT: Healthcare Reform Resources for Local Health Departments and Municipalities Denise Smith,  Alyssa Yacone, Kate Gervais, Access Health CT 1048187  12/19/2013
CT Healthy Homes: CT Partners with Resources for At Risk Populations Chris Corcoran, LAMPP, Jimmy Morrissey, Home Energy Solutions,         Larry Wagner, Larry Wagner & Associates,                       Michael Gurecka, New Opportunities 1048028  12/12/13
CT Healthy Homes: CT Housing 101:  CT Department of Housing Resources and Programs Katie Durand, Department of Housing, Calvin Vinal, President/CEO of the CT Housing Investment Fund 1047696  11/14/13
CT Healthy Homes: Health Impact Assessment and Weatherization Plus Health: Leveraging New Funds, Partners and Opportunities to Improve Health and Residential Energy Efficiency Michael Gurecka, Energy Services for New Opportunities, Inc. Tim Choi, MPH, San Francisco Public health Foundation,           Lynne Page Snyder, PhD, MPH, Consultant, Healthy Housing  1045765  8/7/13
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and What it all Means for You Jill Zorn, Senior Program Officer & David Desiderato, Field Officer, Universal Health Care foundation of Connecticut 1045744  8/13/13
CT-RI PHTC: HIV Crisis Among Gay, Bisexual and other Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in CT and RI: Terminology, Trends and Innovative Programs Leif Mitchell, CIRA. Chris Cole, AIDS Project New Haven. Thomas Bertrand, MPH, AIDS Project Rhode Island. Chris Andresen, Section Chief, DPH 1043349  4/16/13
CT-RI PHTC Scaling Up Breastfeeding Support at the Organization and Community Levels Sustaining the Positive Effects of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) Practices
Rafael Perez-Escamillia, PhD, Director of the Office of Public Health Practice, Yale School of Public Health. Donna J. Chapman, PhD, RD, Associate Research Scientist, Yale School of Public Health. Michele Griswold, MPH, RN, IBCLC 1043329  4/11/13
CT-RI PHTC: May is Hepatitis Awareness Month! Free & Low Cost Opportunities from CDC and local NGO's Cynthia Jorgensen, DrPH, Centers for Disease Control. Corinna Dan, RN, MPH, US Department of Health and Human Services. Chari Cohen, Director of Public Health, Hepatitis B Foundation.  1043219 4/8/13
CT-RI PHTC: HIV Partner Referral Services: Program Overview and the Role of Public Health Professionals Heidi Jenkins, CT DPH. E. Jennifer Edelman, MD, MHS, AAHIVS, Assistance Professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. Wanda Richardson, CT DPH. 1041132  1/15/12
CT-RI PHTC : The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) and Implementation Updates Timothy P. Harrison, PhD, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy 1040351  12/5/12
CT Healthy Homes: Asthma in the Home Environment: The Healthy Homes Approach Salina Hargrove, CT Department of Public Health, Hilary Norcia, MPH Community Health Coordinator for the Central CT Health District 1040298  11/29/2012
CT-RI PHTC: Integrated Pest Management: Principles and Practice Dr. Ana Legrand, Assistant Processor, Department of Plant Science, UCONN 1037263  10/18/12
CT-RI PHTC: Indoor Tanning and Skin Cancer: Using the Latest Evidence to Impact Public Health Susan Mayne, PhD, Yale School of Public Health. Leah Ferucci, PhD, Yale School of Public Health. Samantha Guild, Patient Advocate, AIM at Melanoma.  1034500  7/24/12
CT-RI PHTC: Trauma, Stress and Public Health: What are the Connections? BobFranks, Child Health Development Institute, CT Center for Effective Practice.  1034391  7/17/2012
CT-RI PHTC: Hosting a Worksite Influenza Vaccination Clinic: The Business Case
Dr. Graitcer, Medical Epidemiologist, CDC. Debbye Rosen, BSN, MS, Adult Immunization Coordinator, CT DPH 1034372  7/11/12
CT Healthy Homes: Trash or Treasure? Understanding the Phenomena of Hoarding Randy O. Frost, PhD  1033880  6/12/12
CT Healthy Homes: Weatherization and Healthy Homes Amy McLean Salls, National Center for Healthy Housing. Julia Hatton, Connecticut Efficient Healthy Homes Initiative 1033786  5/23/12
CT Healthy Homes: Green Cleaning in the Home: The Breathe Easy While Cleaning Program Carol Westinghouse, President, Informated Green Solutions,     Judy Prill & Mary Sherwin, Senior Environemental Analysts, CT DEEP 1033038  3/13/2012
CT Healthy Homes: Opportunity and Fair Housing: The Health Connection Erin Kemple, Executive Director, CT Fair Housing Center. Erin Boggs, Deputy Director, CT Fair Housing Center 1032675  3/11/12
CT Healthy Homes: Injury Prevention and the Home Angela Michalide, PhD, MCHES, Director of Research and Programs for Safe Kids Worldwide 1031716  1/19/12
CT Healthy Homes: Smoke Free Homes Policy Denise Smith, Access Health CT   Alyssa Yacone, Access Health CT,   Kate Gervais, Access Health CT 1030656  11/15/11
CT Healthy Homes: Healthy Homes: Practice, Policy and Resources Rebecca Morley, Executive Director, National Center for Healthy Housing 1029244  8/17/11
CT Healthy Homes: Radon: Epidemiologic Research and Policy Recommendations Bill Field, PhD, MS, University of Iowa 1028317  6/22/11
CT Healthy Homes: From Ice Dams to Spring Floods: How Damn Buildings Can Affect Health Marian Heyman, CT DPH, Judith Dicine, Chief State's Attorney 1027677  5/10/11
CT Healthy Homes: "We're back"…………! The Human Bed Bug Pandemic Gale Ridge, CT Agricultural Experiment Station 1027569  4/19/2011
Connecticut Department of Public Health, A High Performance Organization Self-Study Tutorial  1063722 6/30/16
Orientation to Connecticut's Public Health System Self-Study Tutorial  1056669 9/30/15
rev. 8/29/2016

If you are looking for a great background resource and introduction to how Connecticut does public health, check out: Orientation to Connecticut's Public Health System Course #1056669 on www.train.org.

This Five Part Web-Based Tutorial was developed to familiarize new staff of public health agencies, members of boards of health, public health system partners and others with Connecticut’s public health system. The content is designed for those with and without formal public health training. The course begins with key concepts in public health including the ten essential services followed by a general overview of public health law and authorities. Learners are then introduced to Connecticut’s statutory framework for public health, state and local level public health responsibilities and major job roles of those working in public health. The course can be taken at your own pace, in a single or multiple sittings. It may take 2.5 to 3 hours to complete and a certificate of completion will be provided at the end after passing the final learning assessment.