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Raja Staggers-Hakim

Lecturer in Public Health (Social & Behavioral Sciences)

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Raja Staggers-Hakim


Raja Staggers-Hakim holds a doctorate in sociology with concentrations in medical sociology and the sociology of race, class, and gender studies from Howard University (2009) and a Master’s in Public Health in community health from New York University (2001). Dr. Staggers-Hakim actively contributes to scholarship on social inequities and the critical analysis of social systems connected to disparate health in marginalized populations. Specifically, her scholarly interests focus on racial and ethnic health inequities. By examining the effects of social stratification/inequality, environmental justice, and more recently police brutality, Dr. Staggers’ research holds health policy implications specifically for racial ethnic, low income, and marginalized populations. Dr. Staggers has presented her research nationally at the Eastern Sociological Society, the Association of Black Sociologists, the American Public Health Association, and the Society for Public Health Education. Her more recent writing include “The Nations Unprotected Children and the Ghost of Michael ‘Mike’ Brown: Implications on the Health and Social Development of Black Boys (2016) published in the Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment. This work considers police brutality as a public health issue which further aggravates excessive mortality among racial ethnic minorities and specifically African American boys and men. Dr. Staggers writing on the intersection of health and social justice includes an article titled “Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, and Health Inequities” (2018) published in the Western New England Law Review.

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