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When the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 first appeared in late December 2019, scientists at the Yale School of Public Health responded immediately in shaping the worlds’ public health response. Our experts in transmission, genetics, vaccines, social behaviors, modeling, health policy and global health and justice not only have been at the forefront of scientific discovery, but they have made it a priority to inform the public through media appearances, op ed pieces, town halls and other forums.

As this historic pandemic unfolds in real time, our work at the Yale School of Public Health has never been more relevant or impactful.

Practice-based research and initiatives

While the pandemic has brought swift change to the research priorities of the faculty, students have joined them in a number of crucial initiatives, including contact tracking, assisting with an emergency food response, creating guidelines for safe volunteerism, identifying, sharing, and translating reliable resources and partnering with community based organizations to identify urgent needs. Specifically, the CT Emerging Infections Program is working hand in hand with the CDC and State Department of Public Health in contact tracking and establishing the COVID-19 NET hospitalization reporting. Additionally, YSPH faculty, students and the Office of Public Health Practice worked with the Office of New Haven Affairs to craft an online resource for middle school students to better understand public health and the current COVID-19 epidemic.