Jonathan P Smith, MPH

Lecturer in Public Health (Health Policy)

Public Health Interests

HIV/AIDS; Infectious Disease

Research Organizations

School of Public Health

Selected Publications

  • Smith, Jonathan. “Those who don’t return: An urgent need to address TB an HIV among ex-miners in southern Africa.” Int. J Health Services. (In Publication Dec 2012)
  • Dharmadhikari, Ashwin, Jonathan Smith, Edward Nardell, Gavin Churchyard, and Salmaan Keshavjee, “Achieving Zero TB Deaths in the Mines: Stopping Transmission By Finding and Treating Active Cases.” Int. J Health Services. (In Pub. Dec 2012)
  • Smith, Jonathan. “Nanoparticle Delivery of Tuberculosis Chemotherapy as a Potential Mediator Against Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.” Yale J of Bio and Med. 2011;83(3).
  • Smith, Jonathan. “Why Human Rights Don’t Just Apply to HIV: Undermining TB programs by Ignoring Human Rights.” Yale J of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics. 2011;11(1). (Publication Pending)
  • Smith, Jonathan. “Team Trials: Overcoming Cultural Obstacles in Refugee Children Through Sport” Yale Public Health Magazine. Spring 2011, pp34-35.
  • Smith, Jonathan. “Obesity Hiking Healthcare Costs.” LaGrange Daily News. 30 Oct 2009.

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