Julia M Rozanova, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (AIDS)

Research Organizations

Obesity Research Working Group


Selected Publications

  • Rozanova, J., Northcott, H., & McDaniel, S. (2006). Seniors and portrayals of intra-generational and inter-generational inequality in The Globe and Mail. Canadian Journal on Aging, 25(4), 373-386.
  • Rozanova, J. (2006). Newspaper portrayals of health and illness among Canadian seniors: Who ages healthily and at what cost? International Journal of Aging and Later Life, 1(2), 111–139. Available at: http://www.ep.liu.se/ej/ijal/2006/v1/i2/a6/ijal06v1i2a6.pdf
  • Rozanova, J. (2007). Public television in the context of established and emerging democracies: Quo vadis? SAGE International Communication Gazette, 69(2), 129-147.
  • Rozanova, J. (in press) Discourse of successful aging in The Globe & Mail: Insights from critical gerontology. Journal of Aging Studies (accepted July 10, 2009)
  • Rozanova, J., Dosman, D., & De Jong Gierveld, J. (2008). Participation in rural contexts: Community matters. In N. Keating (Ed.), A good place to grow old? Critical perspectives on rural ageing (pp. 75-86). Bristol, UK: Policy Press.
  • Rozanova, J. (forthcoming). Social participation of older women in Canada: insights from a critical feminist perspective. Paper to be published in L. Nicolaou-Smokoviti, H. Suenker, & J. Rozanova (Eds.), Citizen Participation in Social Welfare, Social Policy and Community Involvement, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag.

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