Martial Loth Ndeffo Mbah, PhD

Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

Research Interests

Public Health; Global Health; Infectious Disease Medicine; Mathematical Concepts

Public Health Interests

Cost-effectiveness; Infectious Disease Transmission; Modeling; Tropical Diseases

Research Organizations

School of Public Health: Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases

Faculty Research

Yale Institute for Global Health

Research Summary

Specialized Terms: Mathematical modeling; Infectious disease epidemiology; Tropical diseases; behavioral modeling; Cost-effectiveness of public health interventions

Extensive Research Description

Martial L Ndeffo Mbah is an epidemiological modeler with the Yale School of Public Health’s Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analysis, using mathematical and statistical methods and models to explore epidemiological questions. His primary research objective is to develop and apply theoretical and practical modeling frameworks that capture epidemiological, clinical, ecological, behavioral and economic factors of disease spread in dynamics environments. He develops these models for a wide range of objectives including spatiotemporal disease spread prediction, resource allocation optimization, cost-effectiveness evaluation of new technologies, and development and testing of novel intervention programs. He uses these models to identify, evaluate and inform public health policies and provide tools for public health decision making. To achieve these objectives, he integrates data and techniques from different fields including epidemiology, economics, ecology, mathematics, and statistics. By using interdisciplinary approaches, his research provides a new perspective to disease modeling and identification of optimal public health intervention policies. Contrary to standard modeling approaches that have focused only for example on epidemiological factors for disease spread while ignoring economics and behavioral factors, or economics modeling that have ignored spatiotemporal factors of disease dynamics, CIDMA’s approach integrates all these factors. As diseases are not isolated systems, his research also extends standard modeling approaches by investigating epidemiological interactions between coexisting diseases and potential for expending public health efforts from treating diseases within individual silos toward more integrated approaches.

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Martial Loth Ndeffo Mbah, PhD
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135 College Street, Ste Room 219
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