Research Studies

Principal InvestigatorStudyFunding Source
Aksoy, SerapControl of Tsetse Fly Transmitted Diseases in KenyaNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Evidence Based Control Strategies of Sleeping Sickness VectorsFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Evolutionary Genetics of Tsetse and Its SymbiontsNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Expanding the Toolbox for Tsetse Reproductive BiologyNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Factors in Emergence of New sleeping Sickness Foci in UgandaFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Molecular and Functional Characterization of Olfaction Genes in Tsetse FliesFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Molecular Aspects of Tsetse and TrypanosomeNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
New Strategies for African Trypanosomiasis ControlAmbrose Monell Foundation
Novel Vaccines for Human and Animal Trypanosomiasis (Grand Challenge: New Interventions in Global Health)Gates Foundation
Tsetse Fecundity Reduction for Tryopanosomiasis ControlNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Tsetse Transmitted African TrypanosomiasisFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Bell, MichelleEffects of Fine Particle Composition on Birth OutcomesNIEHS Ntl Inst Environ Health (NIH)
Bracken, Michael Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Asthma Exacerbations in Children of Low Income Families: A Feasibility StudyCT Dept of Public Health
Bradley, Elizabeth Achieving Value: Strategies for Managing Populations with Complex, High-cost Health NeedsCommonwealth Fund
Building Human Resources for Health: Yale University and the Ministry of Health of RwandaMinistry of Health, Rwanda
Developing the Long Term Capability of Ethiopia Health Care Extension Program Platform Phase IIGates Foundation
Ethiopian Hospital Management Initative (EHMI)CDC Ctr for Disease Control
Health and Social Service Spending and Health Outcomes: A State-level AnalysisRobert Wood Johnson Foundation
Identifying Effective Strategies for Coordinating Health Care and Social Services for High-Need, High-Cost PatientsDonaghue Foundation
Improving Care for Patients with Irreversible Conditions and their FamiliesCT Hospice
Liberia Health Workforce Program: Health ManagementMinistry of Health, Republic of Liberia
Primary Health Care Unit Transformation Initiative (PTI)Gates Foundation
Social Service Spending, Health Spending and Outcomes: Massachusetts in a National ComparisonBlue Cross Blue Shield of MA Foundation
Sustainable Leadership, Management, and GovernanceManagement Sciences for Health (MSH)
The Impact of Hospice Preferred Practices on Patient Outcomes and Hospice CostsNINR Ntl Inst of Nursing Rsrch
Understanding Hospital Practices Among Hospitals Enrolled with the STATE ACTION on AVOIDABLE REHOSPITALIZATIONS (STAAR) InitiativesCommonwealth Fund
Yale Training Program in Health Services ResearchAgency for Healthcare Rsch & Quality
Busch, Susan HComparative Effectiveness Research Diffusion and Mental Health Care DisparitiesNIH Ntl Institutes of Health (
Expanding Treatment for Opioid Dependence Among the Privately InsuredNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Implementation of Federal Mental Health ParityNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health
Calabrese, Sarah K.Intervention to Promote PrEP Awareness Equitable Prescription Among ProvidersNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Cartmel, BrendaEffect of Exercise on Cortisol Dysregulation in Ovarian Cancer SurvivorsNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Cepeda, JavierCharacterizing the Post-Incarceration Risk Environment in St. Petersburg, RussiaNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Chen, XiOld-Age Pension, Household Behavior Change and the Well-being of the ElderlyNIA Ntl Inst on Aging (NIH)
Childs, James Ecological and Socioeconomic Recovery of Post-Trauma Urban LandscapesNSF Ntl Science Fdn
Claus, Elizabeth The Meningioma Consortium: Genome-Wide Associate StudyNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Cleary, Paul DavidConsumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems CAHPS IVAgency for Healthcare Rsch & Quality
CAHPS Survey Implementation for the Medicare Shared Savings ProgramHHS
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDSNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Milbank Memorial FundMilbank Memorial Fund
National Implementation of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan CAHPS SurveysCenters for Medicare & Medicaid
Cohen, TheodoreEvaluating Health and Economic Effects of Targeted Strategies in TB/HIVNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Improving Estimates of the Incidence of Pediatric TBGlobal Alliance for TB Drug Development, The
Linking Target Product Profiles for New Drug Regimens to Individual and Population Impact: A Novel Modeling Framework and Proof-of-Concept ModelsGates Foundation
MIDAS Center for Communicable Disease DynamicsNIGMS Ntl Inst General Medical
Modeling of Infectious Disease Agents Study Center of ExcellenceNIGMS Ntl Inst General Medical
Modeling Tradeoffs in the Introduction of New TB AntibioticsGates Foundation
Models for Identifying Cost-Effective Meningococcal Vaccination Policies in Africa: A Brief Concept NotePATH
Mathematical Models to Improve Drug Dosing for Limiting Persistence in M. TuberculosisGates Foundation
TB Modeling and Analysis ConsortiumLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Cooper, ZacharyAn Analysis of Health Care Spending Broken Down By Clinical EpisodesCommonwealth Fund
Do Higher Priced Providers Deliver Higher Quality Care? An Analysis of the Price/Quality Relationship Using HCCI DataNat'l Inst for Health Care Mgmt Foundation (NIHCM)
Testing the Effect of Price Transparency on Patient BehaviorHarvard Univ School of Medicine
Testing the Effect of Price Transparency on Patient BehaviorLaura and John Arnold Foundati
Understanding the Pricing Dynamics in the US Health Care Industry: An Analysis Using HCCI DataCommonwealth Fund
Curry, LeslieCulture Change in Hospitals: Leadership Saves LivesThe Medicines Company
Davis, LukeInflammation, Aging Microbes and Obstructive Lung Disease (I AM OLD) StudyNHLBI Ntl Heart Lung Bld Inst
International Research Training on TB and Other Pulmonary Complications of HIVFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Mobile Health for Implementation of Home-based TB Contact Investigation in UgandaNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Dewan, Andrew ThomasFamily-specific Genetic Variants Contributing to Asthma SusceptibilityNHLBI Ntl Heart Lung Bld Inst (NIH)
Identification of Association Between Genetic Factors and Asthma that are Modified by ObesityAir Force Research Laboratory (AFMC)
Deziel, Nicole Exposure to Halogenated Aromatic Compounds and Risk of Thyroid CancerAmerican Cancer Society Inc.
Dubrow, RobertAntiretroviral Therapy Strategies to Lower Cancer Risk in HIV-Infected PersonsNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
The Yale School of Public Health Response to Climate Change: Educating and Training the Next Generation of Public Health LeadersOverlook International Foundation
Ferrucci, Leah McArthurUnderstanding and Preventing Indoor Tanning Among Adolescents and Young AdultsAmerican Cancer Society Inc.
Friedman, Abigail Behavioral Experiments in Improving Medicare Coverage ChoicesRobert Wood Johnson Foundation
How do A.C.A. Smoking Penalties Affect Insurance Enrollment and Smoking Cessation?Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Galvani, Alison PCollaborative Research: Cross-National Differences in Vaccination as Unselfish BehaviorNSF Ntl Science Fdn
Collaborative Research: Signaling Prosociality: Harnessing Impure Motives to Help OthersNSF Ntl Science Fdn
Dynamic Data-Driven Decision Models for Infectious Disease ControlNIGMS Ntl Inst General Medical Sci (NIH)
Evaluating the Feasibility of the WHO 2020 Goal for HAT EliminationGates Foundation
Evaluating the Social Iinfluences that Impact Vaccination DecisionsNIGMS Ntl Inst General Medical Sci (NIH)
Hepatitis C in Native Oklahoma: Optimizing Care and Setting a Path Towards Elimination of HCV Disease and DisparityGilead Foundation
Modeling Neglected Diseases - LeprosyUniversity of California San Francisco
Modeling to Support Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) Elimination Programs: Loa Loa Intensity ModelingGates Foundation
NTD Modeling Consortium - Chronic Schistosomiasis Caused By Schistosoma Mansoni S Haematobium or S Japonicum Infection in Their Endemic Areas of Africa, Asia or South AmericaChildren's Investment Fund Fdn
NTD Modeling Consortium Proposal - Chagas DiseaseJohns Hopkins University
RAPID: Optimal Allocation of Beth Non-pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Interventions Toward Controlling EBOLA Transmission in West AfricaNSF Ntl Science Fdn
Gill, Thomas A Randomized Trial of a Multifactorial Fall Injury Prevention StrategyNIA Ntl Inst on Aging (NIH)
Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center at YaleNIA Ntl Inst on Aging (NIH)
Gonsalves, Gregg Optimizing Investments Across the HIV Continuum of Care: Bridging Epidemiology and Health Syustems in the US to Improve Patient OutcomesRobert Wood Johnson Foundation
Hacker, Kathryn Rodent Population Dynamics and Leptospirosis Infection in Urban Slum EnvironmentsNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Heimer, RobertConnecticut Emerging Infections ProgramCDC Ctr for Disease Control
Drug Policy, Incarceration, Community Re-entry and Race Disparities in HIV/AIDSNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (N
Influences on HIV Prevalence and Service Access among IDUs in Russia and EstoniaNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Parenteral HCV Transmission: Assessing Risks and Prevention Strategies In VitroNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Training and Research in HIV Prevention in RussiaFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Hoh, Josephine Genetic Study of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)Rosebay Medical Company, LP
Holford, Theodore RComparative Modeling of Lung Cancer Control PoliciesNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (N
Comparative Modeling of Lung Cancer Prevention and Control PoliciesNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Lung Cancer Group for NCI's CISNET ProgramNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Hromi-Fiedler, Amber JPromoting Fruits and Veggies Among Pregnant Latinas: Intervention DevelopmentNINR Ntl Inst of Nursing Rsrch (NIH)
Humphries, Debbie New Haven Farms Farm-Based Wellness Program EvaluationNew Haven Farms, Inc.
The Effects of Cross-Jurisdictional Resource Sharing on the Implementation Scope and Quality of Public Health ServicesRobert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ickovics, Jeannette Cities Promoting Access to NatureNational Leagues of Cities Institute
Development of a Nationally Scalable Model of Group Prenatal Care to Improve Birth OutcomesUnited Health Foundation
Hartford Teen Preganancy Prevention EvaluationCDC Ctr for Disease Control
Maternity Care: Variability in Utilization/Cost by Delivery Mode and Risk StatusHRSA Hlth Res & Serv Admin
Meeting Community Needs Across the Prevention SpectrumCDC Ctr for Disease Control
School Wellness Policy: RCT to Implement and Evaluate Impact on Childhood ObesityNICHHD Ntl Inst Child H&H Dv (NIH)
Irwin, Melinda A Mail- and Video-based Weight Loss Trial in Breast Cancer SurvivorsAmer Inst for Cancer Research
Biological and Biochemical Effects of Exercise and Diet on Breast TissueBreast Cancer Rsrch Fdn
Effect of the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Exercise Program on Cancer Related Outcomes in Cancer SurvivorsLivestrong Foundation
Exercise and Metformin to Impact Hyperinsulinemia in Colorectal Cancer SurvivorsNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Impact of Exercise on Ovarian Cancer PrognosisNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Impact of Physical Activity on Breast Tissue Biomarkers in Women with Early Stage Breast CancerDana Farber Cancer Inst
The Lifestyle, Exercise & Nutrition (LEAN) StudyConnecticut Breast Health Initiative, Inc.
TREC Coordination CenterNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Jones, Beth Cancer Prevention Residency Training GrantGriffin Hospital
Cancer Screening Behavior in Hispanic/Latinas Living in the Northeast United StatesNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Jukic, Anne Marie An Investigation of Vitamin D in Human Fertility and Early PregnancyNICHHD Ntl Inst Child H&H Dv (NIH)
Keene, Danya Reverse Mortgages and Racial Inequalities in Wealth and HealthRussell Sage Fdn
Kershaw, TraceCommunity-based HIV Education Research Program for Diverse Racial and Ethnic GroupsNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Efficacy Trial of a Brief Health Enhancement Intervention for Newly Diagnosed MenNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health
Interdisciplinary HIV Prevention Training ProgramNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Research Education Institute for Diverse Scholars (REIDS)NIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Using Cell Phones to Understand Social Networks of Young MenNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Khoshnood, KavehTraining the Royal Institute of Health Sciences Faculty and Students in Capacity and Curriculum Development for new Public Health Programs in BhutanBhutan Foundation
Research Ethics Training and Curriculum Development Program with ChinaFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Ko, Albert Disease Determinants of Urban LeptospiriosisNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Ecoepidemiology of Leptospirosis in the Urban Slums of BrazilFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Global Health Fellows and Scholars ProgramFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
MEPH Health Fellows and Scholars ProgramFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Natural History of Urban LeptospirosisNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Naturally-Acquired and Vaccine-Mediated Immunity to LeptospirosisNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
RNA Detection as an Improved Diagnostic Assay for Human LeptospirosisNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Krause, Peter JamesBabesiosis Emergence in the United StatesNIGMS Ntl Inst General Medical
Krause Tick-borne Zoonoses Research ProgramThe Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation
Leaderer, Brian PaulIndoor Nitrogen Dioxide Exposure and Children with Asthma: An Intervention TrialNIEHS Ntl Inst Environ Health (NIH)
Leifheit-Limson, Erica Transitions in Care and the Patient Experience within the First 30 Days after Ischemic StrokeAmerican Heart Assn Founders Affiliate
Levy, BeccaStress Biomarkers as a Potential Link Between Age Benefits and HealthNIA Ntl Inst on Aging (NIH)
Lichtman, Judith Carotid Revascularization Endarteomy vs. Stenting Trial (CREST): Long Term Follow-upNINDS Ntl Inst Neurological (N
Florida Puerto Rico Collaboration to Reduce Stroke Disparities (FL-PR CReSD)-CMSNINDS Ntl Inst Neurological (N
Preventable Readmission after Ischemic Stroke in the ElderlyAmerican Heart Assn Founders Affiliate
Linnander, Erika LeeBuilding and Sustaining Performance Management Capacity in UP and Bihar, Yale/BMGF Assessment and Strategic PlanningGates Foundation
The Last Mile Partnership: Building Capacity to Save LivesUSAID Agency Intl Development
Ma, ShuanggeDevelopment of Integrated Analysis Methods and Applications to TCGA dataNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Novel Methods for Intergrative Analysis of Cancer Genomic DataNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Penalization Methods for Identifying Gene Environment Interactions and Applications to Melanoma and Other Cancer TypesNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Ma, XiaomeiCenter for Integrative Research on Childhood Leukemia and the Environment - Project 1NIEHS Ntl Inst Environ Health
Genome-Wide Association Study of Childhood Leukemia by Hispanic StatusNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
New Statistical Methods to Handle Spatial Uncertainty in Cancer Risk EstimationNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Perinatal Immune Development and Risk of Childhood Acute LymphoblasticNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Yale/NCI Cooperative Training Program in Cancer EpidemiologyNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Makuch, Robert The CFDA Training for October 2015Merck Co
Marshall, Stephanie The Role of Hepatic FMO3 in Ethanol Induced Liver InjuryNIAAA Ntl Inst Alcohol Abuse (NIH)
McMahon-Pratt, DianeImproved Treatment of American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by ImmunomodulationNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Translational Research Training on Leishmaniasis and Emerging Infectious DiseasesFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Miller, Alice M.Global Health Justice Summer Fellowship ProgramLevi Strauss Foundation
Monin, Joan EChronic Conditions and Mutuality of Care in Late Life Marriage: A Multi-method ApproachNIA Ntl Inst on Aging (NIH)
Ndumele, Chimaeze Medicaid Managed Care and the Quality of Care for Women and Children: Evaluating a Randomized Trial of Enrollment in a Medicaid-Focused or Commercial Health Insurance PlanMaternal & Child Hlth Bureau
Nembhard, Ingrid Yale Training Program in Health Services ResearchAgency for Healthcare Rsch & Quality
Niccolai, Linda Disparities in HPV Vaccine Completion: Identifying and Quantifying the BarriersNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
O'Keefe, ElaineCT RI Public Health Training CenterHRSA Hlth Res & Serv Admin
New England Public Health Training Center:Local Performance SiteHRSA Hlth Res & Serv Admin
Quality Improvement Training for Public Health System PartnersCDC Ctr for Disease Control
Pachankis, John EdwardA Unified Intervention for Young Gay and Bisexual Men's Minority Stress, Mental Health and HIV RiskNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Building Mobile Health HIV Prevention Capacity for MSM in RomaniaFIC Fogarty Intl Ctr (NIH)
Intervention Development for Social Stress, Mental Health and HIV Risk Among MSMNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Multicomponent Intervention to Reduce Sexual Risk and Substance UseNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (N
Paltiel, A DavidMaking Better Decisions: Policy Modeling for AIDS and Drugs AbuseNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (N
Novel Approaches to the Design and Evaluation of Combination HIV PreventionNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
Novel Methods to Inform HIB/TB Clinical Trial DevelopmentNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Optimizing HIV Care in Less Developed CountriesNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Prevention Policy Modeling LabCDC Ctr for Disease Control
The Cost-Effectiveness of Preventing HIV ComplicationsNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Parikh, SunilAntimalarial Pharmacology in HIV Co-infected Children and Pregnant Women in UgandaNICHHD Ntl Inst Child H&H Dv (
Innate Immune Responses in Populations with Differing Susceptibility to MalariaNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Park, Lesley Liver Cancer Risk and Prevention Among Persons Living with HIV/AIDSNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Peduzzi, Peter A Randomized Trial of a Multifactorial Fall Injury Prevention StrategyNIA Ntl Inst on Aging (NIH)
Perez-Escamilla, RafaelAutonomic Balance, Glycemia and Mental Stress in Latinos with Type 2 DiabetesAmerican Diabetes Association
LATCH: Lactation Advice thru Texting Can HelpUSDA Agriculture US Dept of
Stress Management Among Latinos with Type 2 DiabetesNational Institute on Minority Health & Health Dis
The Baby Friendly Country Metric: Assessing Readiness and Progress with Scaling-Up of National Breastfeeding ProgramsLarsson-Rosenquist Foundation
Pettigrew, Melinda MaryAntibacterial Resistance Leadership Group (ARLG)NIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Persistent H Influenzae in COPD: Virulence Vaccines and Antibiotic ResistanceNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Pneumococcal Transition from Nasopharyngeal Biofilm Carriage to Otitis MediaNIDCD Ntl Inst on Deafness (NI
Pitzer, Virginia A Strategic Vision to Drive the Control of Enteric Fever Through VaccinationWellcome Trust
Model-guided Assessment of Rotavirus Vaccine Impact in Developing CountriesNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Typhoid Modeling Studies for Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine Cost Effectiveness and the Typhoid Delivery StrategyGates Foundation
Risch, Harvey Epidemiologic Study of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the USNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Ruddle, Nancy The Role of Adipocyte Stem Cell in Lymphatic Vessel DifferentiationCT Innovations
Schlesinger, Mark JEliciting Patient Experiences to Augment Public Reports on Health Care QualityAgency for Healthcare Rsch & Quality
Precommitment, Provider Choice and Forging Low-Value Health CareRobert Wood Johnson Foundation
Sindelar, Jody LouiseIncentives to Quit Smoking in CT Medicaid: Role of Medical HomesHHS
Yale Training Program in Addiction, Economics and PolicyNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Streicher, Samantha Genome-wide Case-control Association Study of Pancreatic Cancer in JewsNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Thomas, GwendolynAn Enhansed Behavioral Intervention to Increase Daily Exercise Adherence in Breast Cancer SurvivorsRobert Leet & Clara Guthrie Patterson Trust
Townsend, JeffreyA Butterfly for All Seasons: Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Environmentally Induced Morphologies and Behaviors in Bicyclus AnynanaNSF Ntl Science Fdn
Collaborative Research: Evolution of Systems Biology Underlying Fruiting Body Development in FungiNSF Ntl Science Fdn
Harnessing the Transcriptome of Conidial Germination for Pathogen ControlUSDA Agriculture US Dept of
Tschudi, ChristianMechanism of Infectivity Acquisition in African TrypanosomesNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
RNA Metabolism in TrypanaosomesNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Training in Parasitology and Vector BiologyNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Vasiliou, Vasilis3rd International Alcohol and Cancer ConferenceNIAAA Ntl Inst Alcohol Abuse (NIH)
A Novel Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH16A1) in GoutNIAMSD Ntl Inst Arthritis M&SD (NIH)
Glutathione Monoesters to Counteract Ocular Chemical InjuryNEI Ntl Eye Institute (NIH)
Mouse Models for Alcohol Metabolism and Tissue InjuryNIAAA Ntl Inst Alcohol Abuse (NIH)
Role and Molecular Mechanisms of Corneal Aldehyde DehydrogenaseNEI Ntl Eye Institute (NIH)
The Role of ALDH1B1 in Ethanol Metabolism and Colon CancerNIAAA Ntl Inst Alcohol Abuse (NIH)
The Role of GSH in Cornea and Lens DevelopmentNEI Ntl Eye Institute (NIH)
Walter, Katharine Population Genomics of Borrelia Burgdorferi, the Tick-borne Agent of Lyme DiseaseNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Wang, LeyaoRare Genetic Variants Associated with Virus-induced Asthma SusceptibilityNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Wang, RongComparative Effectiveness of Treatments for Acute Myeloid Leukemia in the ElderlyNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
Wang, ShiyiDevelopment and Evaluation of a Decision Analysis Based Decision AidAgency for Healthcare Rsch & Quality
Wang, ZuohengNovel Methods for Longitudinal Study of Gene Environment Interplay in AlcoholismNIAAA Ntl Inst Alcohol Abuse (NIH)
Weinberger, Daniel Factors Associated with the Local Persistance of Prevnar-targeted Serotypes Among AdultsPfizer Inc.
Forcasting Pneumococcal Serotype Frequencies to Develop Adult-specific VaccinesNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Impact of Vaccination with PCVs among Poor Populations Living in Middle-income CountriesNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Weiss, BrianFunctional Differentiation in Tsetse Species MicrobiotasNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect
Sodalis Glossinidius Irion AcquisitionUniversity of Richmond
Symbiosis and Immunity in the Tsetse FlyNIAID Ntl Inst Allergy Infect Dis (NIH)
Williams, Kenneth RYale/NIDA Reuroproteomics Research CenterNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Yuan, Christina T.Understanding How Social Influence and Social Networks Affect EMR ImplementationAgency for Healthcare Rsch & Quality
Zhang, HepingAnalysis of Genomic Data for Complex TraitsNIDA Ntl Inst on Drug Abuse (NIH)
Data Confirmation Center for the RMNNICHHD Ntl Inst Child H&H Dv (NIH)
Research Training in Mental Health EpidemiologyNIMH Ntl Inst of Mental Health (NIH)
The Clinical Research/Reproductive Scientist Training Program (CREST)NICHHD Ntl Inst Child H&H Dv (
Zhang, YaweiAir Pollution and Fetal Growth in ChinaNICHHD Ntl Inst Child H&H Dv (NIH)
Epidemiology Study of Thyroid CancerAmerican Cancer Society Inc.
PHAHs and Thyroid Cancer Risk in DoDSR CohortNIEHS Ntl Inst Environ Health (NIH)
Zhao, HongyuMillennium: The Takeda Oncology Company Fellowship for Biostatistics ResearchMillennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Statistical Methods to Map Genes for Complex TraitsNIGMS Ntl Inst General Medical Sci (NIH)
Zhu, YongCan Shift-Work Shift Epigenetic ChangesNIEHS Ntl Inst Environ Health (NIH)
Molecular Epidemiology/Functional Analysis of microRNAs in Non-Hodgkin's LymphomaNCI Ntl Cancer Inst (NIH)
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