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University Eduardo Mondlane

Focus: Infectious and Chronic Disease

Affiliation: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane


Site and Background: This site may receive fellows for training on a range of topics from infectious diseases including HIV and tuberculosis to chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease/ hypertension/ diabetes and cancer. Mozambique is a poor developing country that has seen steady economic growth in the past 10 years and as such show an early but clear epidemiological transition with infectious diseases still prevailing (malaria, HIV and tuberculosis) and chronic diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer) disputing relative positions either in the pattern of disease occurrence and as cause of morbidity and mortality. Bio-sketches of UEM-Faculty of Medicine researchers that are available to act as co-mentors during fellows research period is given and they detail topics that they have specialized in and produced local knowledge upon which health institutions act. UEM – Faculty of Medicine and adjacent Maputo Central (teaching) Hospital has had in the past 5 years collaboration with several universities in the US either through MEPI project or other smaller NIH funded projects (U S. Diego, UCLA in California, Vanderbilt University) and thus offers a friendly environment for exchanges. UEM has agreements with other national institutions doing health research in a network that do exchanges on a regular basis and are open for joint collaboration. The only constraint fellows should be aware is that the official language in Mozambique is Portuguese. Health institutions are flexible in interactions and Spanish speaking health professionals/researchers easily find quite fluid communication.