Focus: HIV prevention and treatment in prison populations

Affiliation: All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy”, Kyiv, Ukraine” (UIPHP); Yale Schools of Public Health and Medicine


Sit and Background: This site will provide training opportunity in HIV prevention and drug abuse treatment related researches. The training site will be based in Kyiv at the office of UIPHP. 

The All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy” is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization which aims to develop an up-to-date approach in policy, prevention, treatment and health care in Ukraine, particularly in drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and related issues. Its mission is to create a scientific basis for strategic decision-making in the field of public health. The UIPHP actively collaborates with many HIV/AIDS, Narcology and other medical institutions, as well as with analytical centers and NGOs in Ukraine. Being one of the main engines for starting OST in Ukraine, UIPHP developed a training module and trained multidisciplinary teams at 130 OST sites across the country. UIPHP experts developed Ukrainian standards for drug treatment, OST protocols and manuals which are used in Ukraine and in other Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) countries. Three of these experts (Dr. Dvoriak, Dr. Kiriazova and Dr. Shtengelov) were H. Humphrey and INVEST (NIDA, NIH) research fellows. In 2012, the UIPHP provided expert support for the State Drug Control Committee in Ukraine to develop a new National Drug Strategy by 2020, which was accepted in 2014. 

During 2010-2016 years UIPHP was conducting survey and evaluation of health of prisoners and prevalence of infectious diseases, mental disorders and drug addiction in prisons of Ukraine, to develop measures to improve the coverage of medical care in prison and those released. Within the framework of this study UIPHP collaborate with State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. Project was funded by NIH, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) through Yale University

Site has experience to work with AIDS Centers (Study "Adherence to ARV treatment for IDUs receiving methadone replacement therapy in Kyiv", funded by University of Pennsylvania, USA) and collaboration with Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine over 8 years, playing the leading role in implementation of OST  in Ukraine.  List of the activities related with OST research and implementation can be found here

The UIPHP has experience in conducting studies assessing cost-effectiveness of health services delivery and treatment models. For instance, in 2010 the "Study on the cost-effectiveness of two models of therapy for opioid dependence in Ukraine" was performed with the financial support of WHO/Ukraine. Dr. Sergii Dvoriak served as the PI of this study.

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