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  • When Can I Use Public Transportation Again After Being Fully Vaccinated?

    With the onset of the pandemic, many Americans stopped or limited their use of public transportation in favor of different, more distanced modes of travel.1 Now, as more and more people get vaccinated every day, a safe return to public transportation might be more feasible than we realize.

    Source: Verywell Health
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  • Covid-19 in Connecticut Public Schools

    Nearly all Connecticut schools closed after the onset of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020. But starting this past fall, state policy makers and school officials have been increasingly focused on getting as many students physically back into the classroom as possible, citing benefits to student education, mental health, and socialization. Keeping students in schools safely depends upon the levels of transmission found within individual schools and in the broader community. In Connecticut, individual school districts have made autonomous decisions about their learning models, often changing weekly to an in-person, hybrid or remote model in response to local conditions. State officials have characterized in-school outbreaks as rare, despite the numbers and patterns of reported cases. The independence of Connecticut public school districts has also produced inequitable access to the facilities and services needed to safely return to school during a pandemic.

    Source: Yale COVID Mapping Initiative
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  • All Your Questions About Double Masking, Answered

    With President Joe Biden announcing Tuesday that the U.S. will have enough vaccine doses “for every adult in America by the end of May,” the end of the pandemic feels nearer than ever. But just because the U.S. has taken a giant step toward herd immunity doesn’t mean it’s time to relax. “We cannot let our guard down now or assure that victory is inevitable,” the president added. “We can’t assume that.”

    Source: Conde Nast Traveler
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