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Genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics


YSPH is at the cutting-edge research in genetic epidemiology and developing the biostatistical tools to distill the genome’s vast data to find clues to risk and treatments for cancer, asthma, obesity, diabetes and other conditions. The field of epigenetics has shown the effect of environment not just on an individual, but also on their offspring. These fields are also being plumbed to find novel solutions for vector control for some of the world’s most widespread neglected tropical diseases, including African Sleeping Sickness and leishmaniasis.

Current work includes:

  • Obesity
  • Epigenetic effects of obesity and cancer
  • Gene-environment interactions in cancer
  • Shift workers' circadian rhythm adjustments and breast cancer
  • Vector biology
  • Genetic risk and cancer
  • Evolution biology and cancer metastases
  • Novel solutions to vector diseases such as African Sleeping Sickness and Leishmaniasis