Degree Requirements

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The Ph.D. degree requires a total of 15 course units. If a course is waived, a substitute course must be identified, approved by the student’s advisor and DGS.
Course Title Units Term Offered Notes
CDE 516 Principles of Epidemiology II 1 Spring  
CDE 534 Applied Analytic Methods in Epidemiology 1 Spring  
CDE 617 Developing a Research Proposal 1 Spring Students funded by the AIDS Prevention Training program can take an alternate course
EPH 508 Foundations of Epidemiology and Public Health 1 Fall  
EPH 600 Research Ethics and Responsibilities 0 Fall  
EPH 608 Frontiers in Public Health * 1     Fall and Spring Only one term required
SBS 580 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health 1 Spring  
SBS 610 Applied Area Readings for Qualifying Examinations 1 Spring  
SBS 676 Questionnaire Development 1 Spring  
SBS 699 Advanced Topics in Social and Behavioral Sciences 1 Fall  

PhD Electives in Biostatistics – 600 level **(3 course units)

Must take 3 BIS courses at the 600 level

Course Title Units Term Offered Notes

PhD Electives (3 course units)

Must take 3 courses

Course Title Units Term Offered Notes

*Students entering the program with an MPH or relevant graduate degree may be exempt from this requirement 

** S&DS 563, Multivariate Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences may serve as one of these courses 

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