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Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. degree requires a total of 15 course units. If a course is waived, a substitute course must be identified, approved by the student’s advisor and DGS.

PDF Version

Download the PDF version of the PhD course requirements.

Course Title Units Term Offered Notes
CDE 516 Principles of Epidemiology II 1 Spring  
CDE 534 Applied Analytic Methods in Epidemiology 1 Spring  
CDE 617 Developing a Research Proposal 1 Spring Students funded by the AIDS Prevention Training program can take an alternate course
EPH 508 Foundations of Epidemiology and Public Health 1 Fall  
EPH 600 Research Ethics and Responsibilities 0 Fall  
EPH 608 Frontiers in Public Health * 1     Fall and Spring Only one term required
SBS 580 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health 1 Spring  
SBS 610 Applied Area Readings for Qualifying Examinations 1 Spring  
SBS 676 Questionnaire Development 1 Spring  
SBS 699 Advanced Topics in Social and Behavioral Sciences 1 Spring  

PhD Electives in Biostatistics – 600 level **(3 course units)

Must take 3 BIS courses at the 600 level

Course Title Units Term Offered Notes

PhD Electives (3 course units)

Must take 3 courses

Course Title Units Term Offered Notes

*Students entering the program with an MPH or relevant graduate degree may be exempt from this requirement 

** S&DS 563, Multivariate Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences may serve as one of these courses 

rev. 7.11.2019