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Advisory Board

Our Advisory board brings together individuals with a range of backgrounds and skills. In the months prior to the start of the program, the Board reviews program objectives, curriculum, and lesson plans and provides feedback on content and teaching methods. The Board also meets post-program to review program feedback from students and parents, and to plan for the following year’s curriculum.

Advisory Board Members

Michael Honsberger, Ph.D.

Michael Honsberger
Michael Honsberger, Ph.D. is the Director of Academic Affairs for the Yale School of Public Health. He is also a former project manager for the Yale Young Global Scholars program.

Liliya Katsovich, M.S., MBA

Liliya Katsovich, M.S., MBA is a biostatistician and data manager. She works on various research studies at Yale University and also manages data for Intensive In-home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS) that is affiliated with the Yale Child Study Center.

Roula Kuovatas

Roula Kuovatas
Roula Kuovatas is a 2015 graduate of the Young Scholars program. She is currently a rising sophomore at Harvard University majoring in psychology, with a pre-med focus.

Alex Ocampo

Alex Ocampo
Alex Ocampo is a 3rd year PhD Candidate in Biostatistics at Harvard University focusing on missing data research. He previously taught high school algebra at a high needs school in Orlando, Florida. Alex is half American and half Mexican and has a passion for bringing educational opportunities in STEM to underrepresented minorities. He is a founder and administrator of StatStart at Harvard, a summer program in biostatistics for disadvantaged high school students.

William Rocco, B.A., J.D.

William Rocco, B.A., J.D. teaches sophomore English and both years of the Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone sequence (AP Seminar and AP Research) at Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge, CT.

Veronika Shabanova, Ph.D.

Veronika Shabanova
Veronika Shabanova, Ph.D. is a biostatistician and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. She is affiliated with the Yale School of Medicine and the Yale School of Public Health. Dr. Shabanova works in applied biostatistics, with primary collaborations in Pediatric medicine. Her experience includes designing and implementing clinical trials, observational longitudinal study designs, and other clinical and epidemiological research studies. In her spare time, you will find her with a pair of knitting needles or in her garden.