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Meet our Young Scholars

Megan Carroll

Megan Carroll

High school- Hamden High School, Hamden, CT 

Graduation date- June 2011 

Attended Young Scholars in 2010 

Young Scholars instructor - 2013, 2015 

College- B.S., Tulane University, 2014
Major- mathematics and economics 

Graduate School -M.S., Yale School of Public Health, 2017
Concentration- biostatistics 

Current position - Biostatistician, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University 

"I am a biostatistician today because of Young Scholars! I learned so much and it showed me a way for my love of numbers to make a bigger picture difference."

Nicole Kogan

Nicole Kogan

High school - Hopkins School, New Haven, CT 

Graduation date - June 2014 

Attended Young Scholars in 2012 

Young Scholars instructor - 2014 

College - S.B., MIT, 2018 Major - Biological Engineering 

Current position - Biomedical Data Scientist, nference (Cambridge, MA) 

"My experience with the Young Scholars program - both as student and instructor - has had a tremendous impact on my academic and post-academic trajectories. My choice of major at MIT was chiefly inspired by a presentation Dr. Guido Wollmann gave during the program in 2012 on the potential use of certain viruses in cancer treatment. My current work as a data scientist has also been helped by my participation in the program, as I often turn to the R programming skills I developed then for my work. In the longer term, I aim to go to graduate school to study epidemiology, a field to which I was first exposed as a Young Scholar."

Roula Kuovatas

Roula Kuovatas

High school- Stratford High School. Stratford, CT
Graduation date- June 2017 

Attended Young Scholars in 2015 

College- Harvard class of 2021
Major- psychology with a pre-med interest in psychiatry 

"The Young Scholars program allowed me to immerse myself in an engaging environment that promoted the pursuit of challenging academic endeavors and sparked a sense of intrinsic motivation. It increased my interest in STEM related careers and inspired me to continue to challenge myself outside of my high school classroom."

Noah Schmeisser

Noah Schmeisser

High school - Hopkins School, New Haven, CT

Graduation date - June 2019

Attended Young Scholars in 2017

Young Scholars peer mentor – 2018

Yale Center for Analytical Sciences summer intern - 2018

College - University of Virginia (Jefferson Scholar)

"My time at YCAS Young Scholars as a student in 2017 and a peer mentor/high school intern in 2018 has given me valuable exposure to the world of statistic and data science. In this era of computerized research and big data, a background in data science is an important skill, so I’m grateful for my time here at YCAS. It’s been awesome to be a part of this program and meet some amazing people!"