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Peer Mentorship Program

For Graduates of Young Scholars Biostatistics and Medical Research Summer Program

This program offers students who have successfully completed Young Scholars the opportunity to: 

  • Stay connected with the program 
  • Acquire leadership skills 
  • Further develop biostatistical and programming skills 
  • Learn more about study design and methods. 

Specific peer mentor responsibilities include: 

  • Co-lead a pre-program “Meet and Greet” session 
  • Serve as team leader for a group of 4-5 Young Scholars 
  • Serve as a teaching assistant for biostatistics and programming labs 
  • Assist the Young Scholars with their research projects 
  • Administer pre- and post-program surveys to Young Scholars participants; data enter, summarize, and interpret the results of those surveys. 

This is a month-long commitment. It begins one week before the start of the two-week Young Scholars, program and continues for at least one week after the program concludes. 

In addition to program-related responsibilities, peer mentors will be able to shadow our biostatisticians, and sit in on Yale Center for Analytical Sciences research and design clinics, analytic clinics, and consultation sessions.

To apply: Contact Lisa Calvocoressi, PhD., Program Director