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Information for Students

Are you interested in learning about medical research? Do you love math? Would you like to develop computer programming skills? If you answered “yes” to these questions, consider applying to the Young Scholars summer program offered by the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences (YCAS).

As Young Scholars, you will learn about biostatistics, which is the use of statistics to answer important questions investigated by medical research. Right now, our biostatisticians are collaborating with doctors and other medical researchers (e.g., psychologists, lab scientists) to find ways to prevent elderly people from falling; to identify alternatives to opioids for managing pain; and to test new drugs to help cancer patients live longer. Our biostatisticians contribute to this work by helping to design sound studies and using appropriate statistical techniques to obtain accurate results that will lead to effective treatments and, ultimately, improve health.

During our two-week program, you will work closely with faculty, staff, graduate students and peer mentors to:

  • learn basic biostatistics;
  • run statistical tests using a programming language called “R”;
  • learn about the design of health sciences research studies;
  • work in teams, with real data from Yale studies, to answer research questions using statistics;
  • prepare a group presentation of your work for family, friends, and YCAS staff.

During informal lunchtime talks, you will meet biostatisticians and clinical researchers and learn about their work. You will also learn about life at Yale, through tours of the campus and immersion in its culture.

If you are interested in the Young Scholars program and are a rising 11th or 12th grade student, talk with your parents and teachers and submit your application online.