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An 18-week Online Certificate Giving You Tools to Address the Health Impacts of Climate Change

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Admission is now open for February 2020 offering! Apply by November 30th to take advantage of a 15% early-bird tuition discount. 

This 18-week, online program for public health professionals and other learners is designed to equip you with the knowledge and proven strategies needed to increase your community’s resilience to the adverse health impacts of climate change and to communicate effectively about health effects of climate change to the public and policymakers. The Yale School of Public Health is pleased to offer the first online certificate on climate change and health from a US school of public health.

Hosted by the Climate Change and Health Certificate Program Director, Robert Dubrow and Yale School of Public Health’s Director of Online and Certificate Education, Lauren Babcock-Dunning, the webinar will take place on November 25, from 11:00-11:30am EST via our video conferencing software, Zoom. During this webinar, you will:  
  • Participate in a brief program overview
  • Understand why now is a good time to learn about the adverse health effects of climate change and how to address them
  • Learn what knowledge and skills you will have acquired upon completion of this program
  • Get a preview of the program’s dynamic curriculum and focus areas
  • Have an opportunity to get to know some of your future peers! 
There will also be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar so you can ask any questions you have about the Climate Change and Health Certificate program. If you'd like to attend this webinar, click this link to register

Flexible Learning + Immediate Impact

The three courses in the certificate equip you to address the mounting threat of climate change by enabling you to plan strategies to increase your community's resilience to the adverse health consequences of climate change and motivate positive changes in climate-related behaviors.

Diverse Cohort + Engaging Professional Network

The certificate is designed for working professionals from all sectors who are eager to combat the adverse effects of climate change on the health of their communities, including those working in: public health, medicine, healthcare, environmental protection, industry, academia, government, advocacy and non-profit organizations. Progressing through the program as a cohort, you will enjoy peer-to-peer learning while engaging frequently with expert faculty. You will complete the certificate with a new-found professional network to help you lead the way in addressing the adverse impacts of climate change on health.

Yale Online Climate Change and Health Certificate Student Experience

Yale Online Climate Change and Health Certificate Student Experience

An overview of the student experience in the Yale Climate Change and Health Online Certificate Program.