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The BBF Guide contains five annexes required to score several benchmarks. 

Annex 1 Summary of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes (Legislation & Policies Gear)

Annex 2 Summary of the International Labour Organization’s Maternity Protection Convention 2000. (Legislation & Policies Gear) 

Annex 3 National Budget Line Items (Funding & Resources Gear) 

Annex 4 Essential breastfeeding topics for Pre-service/In-service Training and Curricula for Facility-based and Community-based Health Care Professionals, Community Health Workers, and Volunteers Who Care for Mothers, Infants and Children (Training and Program Delivery Gear)

Annex 5 Essential Breastfeeding Topics for Clinical Practice Curriculum for Facility-based and Community-based Healthcare Providers and Community Health Workers who Care for Mothers., Infants and Children (Training and Program Delivery Gear)

A community health worker in Haryana, Bangladesh, uses a card-guided intervention to help a mother adopt positive maternal-child nutrition and child stimulation behaviors through the SPRING program. © 2014 Gauri Divan/ Sangath, Courtesy of Photoshare