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Dissemination Tools

Timeline: Development and Usage. 1st Meeting: General Infographic; between 4th and 5th Meeting - Comprehensive Policy Brief, Focused Policy Brief, Results Infographic

Dissemination tools are important to communicate BBF progress as well as findings and recommendations to policymakers, decision makers, media sources, funders, and other key stakeholders. Developing communication materials, such as policy briefs and infographics, can be helpful for translating recommendations into actions. 

The table below provides guidance on different dissemination tools and when to use them when implementing BBF.

Tool Length BBF Aim Potential Audience When to Prepare? When to Use?  
General Infographic 1 page Describe BBF process for assessing the breastfeeding enabling environment Stakeholders; general public Before 1st BBF meeting and throughout 5-meeting process Prior to BBF 5th meeting  
Results Infographic 2 pages Outline highlighted BBF policy recommnedaitons and summarize all priortized recommendations with a call to action Stakeholders; general public Between BBF 4th and 5th meetings BBF 5th meeting and beyond  
Comprehensive Policy Brief up to 4 pages Disseminate BBF prioritized recommendations Policymakers, journalists, senior advisers to policymakers Between BBF 4th and 5th meetings At BBG 5th meeting  
Focused Policy Brief up to 4 pages Disseminate one BBF prioritized recommendation at a time Policymakers, journalists, senior advisers to policymakers Beginning after BBF 4th meeting and beyond At or after BBF 5th meeting  

The timeline above shows how these dissemination tools can be developed and modified throughout the BBF 5-meeting process.

A training series and templates are available to help countries develop these dissemination tools:

Examples of dissemination materials used by BBF countries can be found within the country profiles.