Maria Ana Diuk-Wasser PhD

Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

Departments & Organizations

Infectious DiseasesEnvironmental InfluencesSchool of Public Health: Vector-borne; Global Health Concentration

Research Interests

Disease ecology; Eco-epidemiology; Spatio-temporal risk modeling; Lyme disease; Babesiosis; Emerging zoonoses; Pathogen interactions; Tick-borne diseases; Dengue; West Nile virus; more...


  • Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles, 2003

Selected Publications

  • Diuk-Wasser, MA, L Liu, T Steeves, T Lepore, K Dardick, C Folsom-O’Keefe, S Bent, S Usmani-Brown, S Telford, D Fish and PJ Krause. 2013. Monitoring human babesiosis emergence through vector surveillance, New England, USA. Emerging Infectious Diseases 20(2):225-231.
  • Dunn, JM, S Davis, A Stacey, A and MA Diuk-Wasser. 2013. A simple model for the establishment of tick-borne pathogens of Ixodes scapularis: A global sensitivity analysis of R0. J. of Theoretical Biology 335:213-221.
  • Pepin, KM, RJ Eisen, PS Mead, J Piesman, D Fish, AH Gatewood, AG Barbour, S Hamer, MA Diuk-Wasser. Geographic variation in the relationship between human Lyme disease incidence and the density of infected host-seeking Ixodes scapularis nymphs in the United States. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 86(6):1062-1071.



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